The time to resolve your karma is almost closed

The last three years have been a time of karmic upheaval. If your present-day and past life skeletons haven’t come tumbling out of the closet, if you haven’t recognized the problems in order to resolve them, and if you haven’t learned from them in order to heal and self-actualize, the window is almost closed.

As I write in my book, the Age of Aquarius is a time of karmic reckoning and it is the responsibility of every individual to try to make things right and balance the scales for themselves. The chaos and turmoil the well-known and famous have been embroiled in is simply a sign of the times. We all have karma, no matter if you’re an empath or a narcissist, a do-good person or an abuser.

You have likely felt the pull to heal yourself, your life, and to wake up to the truth. If you have done so, you will consider yourself lucky as this second half of the times has now arrived.

In the coming weeks and months, you will no longer have an opportunity to make the necessary karmic changes. The window is closing and it is happening at an increasingly fast rate.

Instead, your focus will become squarely centered on your basic needs, protecting yourself, and ensuring survival. If you have resolved your karma, you will have an advantage in these times as you are able to perceive who can be trusted, whom you should associate with, how to get what you need, and what is coming before it happens.

The best advice I can give is to prepare now, if you haven’t already. Once you understand the system you have been born into, you will understand how to survive it as your rights are further taken from you and as you have no one to rely on but yourself. Hopefully you have acquired the skills to survive in the system despite no longer having any earned advantages. As the infrastructure collapses, most will assume these advantages will still be relevant. They will be sorely mistaken.

No money, clout, kindness, or status will be able to protect you. Only your preparations, higher wisdom and street smarts will. The great equalizer is here.