The final ask

The karmic system is dissolving before our very eyes in order to be replaced with another system of reward and punishment which relies on further indebtedness, control, and new ways to climb the ladder to nowhere (with a few heaping handfuls of authoritarianism thrown in for good measure). You may be assessing how you handled certain situations in the past and what you could have done better.

Even if you put off resolving your karma and now are sitting face to face with it thanks to a lengthy and ample amount of time to think in isolation, there is still a final hope to overcome these wounds.

The question is: do you believe wholeheartedly? Do you lack doubt?

Do you believe in more? Does your soul remember more? Do you remember what it was like to be free; to be happy as a constant state?

This belief in more is enough to absolve the wounds of the past (karma) because it recognizes the painful, unjust reality you have been continually born into for too long. It also shows a change of heart which activates your third eye to the suffering of yourself and others. It means you finally see — and have admitted to seeing, no longer hiding it.

And what is to be “seen” is this: Do you believe there is a you beyond this realm? Do you believe you will meet that person again one day?

This is the final ask and it is the most difficult because it is contingent upon one harsh truth that cannot be removed from your admission: this place doesn’t match your soul. There is some flaw inherent to this place that never made sense and probably never will. That even though you tried asking others, “Do you sense something is off here too?” but were met with questioning eyes and changed subjects, you still held onto the feeling of “this pain isn’t normal. I wish to no longer be in pain.” It means you will have to admit that all of the ego programming was a lie and reality is nothing like what you were told. That everything is literally upside down.

Do you believe this is all there is, or is there more? Does the fact that you remember what it was like before pain mean anything? Will you finally admit you believe this?

Too many people resolved their karma over the last few years. The #metoo movement sped it up. The wheat and chaff were separated. The liars and abusers were not only exposed for what they really are, they were in some cases served some justice in full public view. The energetic prison system that requires total lack of subconscious recognition regarding feelings and authentic experience was dismantled in favor of the subconsciously-suppressed truth. We’re about to witness an energetic jailbreak.