Chakra migration: A different way for your chakras to be imbalanced

Think of the chakras as a middle meeting ground where “intensity” and “longitude” intersect. Your sixth chakra is blocked, for example, so any color pouring from the area (aura) would feel weak or empty. Or a robust sixth chakra would feel like wise, observant eyes or a humble heart staring through your soul; someone who possesses a higher consciousness with the ability to wisely assess the pros and cons. You can imagine this energy pouring from the center of the chakra, right down the midline of your body.

In other words, in the seven energy centers of your body are both a strength at which the chakras are operating as well as a physical locatable placement upon your body. And tradition tells us that a chakra center should be vibrant but not over-powering (controlling), and it should reside at a specific location associated with the organ(s)/systems it represents, all seven centers up and down your body in a straight line.

While we have come to commonly accept the strength of a chakra being a mind-body problem that needs to be remedied, we also need to consider the placement of the chakra centers, like a longitudinal game of connect the dots. This means not only can you have chakra centers emitting too little or too much energy, it can also mean they are lined up to the right or to the left of the perfect midline center of the body. And this creates problems.

Is there one side of your body that seems to hurt more than the other? If you started at the top of your head, is there a side of the body whose physical ailments are not only more severe, but also seem to be stacked on top of each other? For example, your left foot, your left hip, your left shoulder, your left neck, your left hemisphere of the brain. That can be an indication that the chakra midline center was gradually inched away to one side of the body and away from the equally-distributed power center in the middle.

Not only does this cause pain, but also, it means one side of your body feels heavier, slower, more repressed, or more over-used. Since each side of your body is represented by the opposite lobe in the brain, only certain positive chakra meanings can be expressed through you since the others are being suppressed.

If your heart is misaligned, love will feel (or has felt) painful. If your stomach is stretched even further to one side, you will have a hard time digesting, accepting things, or letting them go (forgiveness). You may also be scared of being powerful and prefer to please others like a good submissive.

Your actual organs might not be affected for years but in time, the mal-adaptations will take a toll on the physical health because we feel energy! The subconscious feeling or association with the energy over time will not only cause us to develop adaptations or compensations that are not natural, but the more you feed into an energy the more it grows so the most powerful among you are some of the most wounded too.

And it will also mean you’re relying more and more on one operating center of your brain over the other. Left or right, no matter which, the side of the brain you lean in the most as a natural state can tell us which kinds of wounds you have acquired along the way. The right side of the brain indicates the masculine, ego-driven, and conscious mind. The left side of the brain indicates the feminine, that which is felt, and higher subconscious knowledge. Which has taken over for you and how far away from the midline are they?

The fascia ideally needs to be worked on in order to remedy this. But as much personal/emotional/spiritual work you can get in will also do the trick. Stretching is an underrated activity but doing it as a way to liberate your muscles from decades-long energetic restrictions can be life changing. You have to be in a very calm state of mind and just begin tuning into what on your body hurts the most. Try to isolate the muscles one by one (or group by small group) and provide counter resistance either via stretching or tensing the muscles themselves, or via some form of massage to apply pressure. Once you have acknowledged the pain and felt it fully, it will release and relax.

If you are relaxed enough and trust, you will also be given answers about why this part of your body hurts so much to begin with. You can use my brainstorming web to complete your thoughts about the feeling and get further answers as well. Eventually after doing such stretching, you will be able to easily release more and more muscles that once caused you so much pain and strain. As those muscles relax and are released of toxic energy, your mind will feel lighter because you have processed more “junk”, but also your center of gravity will change (the chakra midline that is now off center) so that the midline is restored more and more to it’s natural location, perfectly centered. Then you will have greater access to healthy chakra function.