Current collective energy: Karmic hamster wheel back-up generator

The hopeful energy of the last week or two has shifted dramatically in the last day or two. The current collective energy feels very karmic and very ancient. These are the primal, personal, and longstanding wounds that hit the very core of your being. You’re being asked to do a final purge on the remaining gunk you haven’t yet cleared from your system over the last few years doing personal work.

Ascension is here, but only if you choose it.

At a time when you should feel your most alive and hopeful, you may also be being triggered into karmic patterns with those closest to you which may cause you to feel like you’re taking one step forward, two steps backwards.

Karmic energy is dense and clings like a fog on a humid hot day so you may have been feeling frustrated, ashamed, guilty, doubtful, uncertain, wronged, or abandoned. And these feelings will probably center around that one individual (or two) who you really can’t get along with. Or maybe it deeply troubles you that there is a disconnect between you and another person. It’s as if you two are about to go, or are going, head to head, toe to toe in the final round.

With so many billions of people across the planet at home with family or friends amid isolation, it’s no wonder so much karmic energy is being poured into the system right now.

I think about the kids who escape abuse a few hours a day at school, then hide in their rooms until their abusive caregiver is asleep. Time at home means much more time for karmic partners to abuse one another and continue the cycle of indebtedness. Reports are already showing an increase in domestic violence many fold from this time last year.

Additionally, there is a great level of acceptance. There is no desire for uprising. There is no plan to fight back. Instead of fighting back, people are trying to figure out ways to make the old system work again. Because a biological weapon is involved, there is great shame in asserting one’s rights since sickness forces you to take a whole-group perspective. If you are socially exposed for lacking empathy, you can be hated. This creates a paradigm of either-or where you are either powerless and empathetic, or you are powerful and selfish.

The world is spinning it’s wheels in that final attempt to keep the old system afloat and the back-up generators keep failing, one by one.