It’s no secret Earth is in trouble

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that major karmic energy is pouring out from every corner of the planet. Karmic partners and twin flames are duking it out in “isolation; can’t-go-anywhere”, “I-only-pretend-to-like-you” style. A few days is generally all it takes for karmic partners to start fighting and vibing hatred towards each other when in close proximity — or otherwise necessary frequent communication. In more extreme cases, it takes hours or minutes. Those age-old unresolved wounds start to ache after too many ego jabs.

Because of this, instead of being able to soak in the ascension process, activate your third eye, and finally perceive the lies of this reality for what they are and find equal parts amazement and amusement in your observations, you may not be centered all too well and find yourself feeling deep heavy emotions re-emerge. After calming yourself down from the initial shock of a global shut down and realizing if we’re all in the same boat, perhaps we can’t be penalized as much, suddenly a wave of “real world” problems hits you and you start scrambling to find ways to take care of the 3D world. “What will I do in the mean time?”

There is a general energy of hopelessness and questioning if life is worth living right now. The president himself predicted a string of thousands of suicides if the economy and death toll continue as they are. The smiling Italians and New Yorkers singing on balconies are what the ego is projecting as a coping mechanism. Despite the “I’m okay. Heck, I’m even happy!” facade, the ramifications of a global shut down and pandemic are real, they are for almost everyone, and we are about to find out what exactly they are.

A lead news anchor started off a broadcast with, “Another soul has died tonight.” It caught me off guard. I paused the video and thought for a second. Why did that bother and strike me curious? It’s because it’s reinforcing the idea that souls die. Souls never die. Physical bodies die. The body and the soul are separate because one came before the other. Therefore, “you” (your soul) predates this place. Therefore, what else could there be out there? Do you still feel silly for believing in something “anecdotal” or “hypothetical?”

Reinforcing the idea that souls die reinforces the idea that dying is the solution because then everything will be over forever. No more pain, ever. But a wounded soul is reincarnated back through the karmic system and on and on and on and on it goes until it remembers what happened to it (first, it has to want to remember).

Dying at this time may sound like the perfect escape but in reality it will leave you a traumatized soul who forgets everything that just transpired, then is born into the latest version of the “reality”, not realizing how much more strict it has become; not realizing you have more knowledge than you think. What led humanity here and can we learn from it in order to avoid it in the future? You can’t even imagine the question with amnesia. You think this is all there is forever.

Which brings me to my point. If your soul predates this place, then are there others who predate this place too? And if so, are these the beings people have reported seeing and interacting with since time immemorial? Angels, spirits, source, souls, ghosts, deities, starseeds…

If you believe in more, do you believe they would not know that Earth is in trouble? Everyone knows Earth is in trouble. If there are other souls on the other side of this reality like has been reported through out all time and history, and if they are benevolent, they would not be able to look away from a ghetto prison planet like Earth and not want to do something.