A world lulled into Stockholm Syndrome

As an intuitive, you must ask yourself several questions whenever you feel or observe some oddity that makes you curious or doesn’t add up. Energetic frequencies are loaded with information that must be unpacked carefully and then translated. Imagine a 10-word sentence containing a feeling, a projection, a warning, a to-do list, a memory, and a reason why all at once. The words on the page may possess an individual meaning but an intuitive feels for the deeper context that is not obvious upon cursory glance. Here’s what to consider when you feel an energetic vibe incoming:

  1. Is this like any other pattern I’ve observed before?
  2. Does this reflect some overarching theme regarding human behavior?
  3. Is this reflecting what is happening in the realms of the divine (5th dimension)?
  4. How does this reflect the past?

In other words, it’s not enough to observe something. You must also analyze it from every possible angle you can think of, in order to understand it clearly apart from any personal blind spots.

Think of it like one of those quintessential baby stacking toys. You stack consecutively smaller (or larger) rings on top of each other until you fill up the middle rod. So too are the patterns of behavior, speech, body language, and most importantly, intention that you must translate as an intuitive.

Think of the divine as the largest ring at the top or bottom of the pole. Think of the middle ring as the Earth and what is transpiring on it as a global schematic. Then the smallest ring represents what humans do on a day to day basis – how we think, act, feel, and treat each other. (And on and on and on).

How is the middle ring similar to the largest ring, even if the specific actions or specific circumstances vary? How are the intentions a reflection of this other place? What do holy scriptures say about this? Then do that for the middle and last, as well as the smallest versus the largest. Where are the connecting similarities and where are the differences and what has been said on this before?

Now use this technique to begin to understand more about what is presently happening on Earth. When you understand what is happening in the heavens, then you understand why things are transpiring on Earth. You also understand how what is transpiring on Earth is causing people to act or feel a certain way.

Or, think about it like this: if a civilian population abuses each other as common practice, where did they learn it from? Did they learn it from those above them? And if they did, does this mean the organized or elite operate very similar to abusive spouses, bosses, and family, but in a group setting? In other words, could the reality we have been born into perpetuate abuse as a means of control, just like the abusive spouse who physically harms you, uses a reward/punishment cycle, love bombs you for short periods to win you back over, gives you gifts to prove something, then goes back to control and punishment as soon as you do not obey? Can you draw any similiarities between the two?

And if so, where does this place us within the overarching abuse cycle by a ruling class of sociopaths and narcissists? It puts us squarely at risk for Stockholm Syndrome.

First, the problem was created.

Then the problem was ignored.

Then we were told the problem would never happen to us.

Then we were told the problem is here and it is our fault.

Next we were told the problem we created would require we lose rights.

We were told we weren’t doing a good enough job losing our rights.

We were patted on the head like good little puppies and told we were doing a good job fixing the problem we created.

We were told we would get gifts if we just obeyed.

We were told we could get the gift if we pay it back eventually.

The information we were given changed by the day. The ones changing the information denied giving us different information.

We were mistaken about the information.

We see people are being hurt when we do not obey. We feel better for obeying.

We are told we are silly for protesting. Don’t you trust you are being protected?

We feel guilty for protesting in the first place.

We force ourselves to feel satisfied with the less we are given.

We praise our abusers for their generosity.

We feel guilty for questioning or doubting them. We trust them again despite our trauma.

We ignore all future red flags.

We live in shame until one day it eats us alive.