Narcissistic Earthly leadership vs. Universal Truth leadership

You tend to forget what things used to be like when you aren’t told there are different ways to do things. If one system or operational mode is enforced and no other options are presented, you might assume there is only one right way. Not only do you live this way but you encourage others to live this way too.

But this is only the case when knowledge is a threat to those in power. Contingent upon one’s freedom is the ability to explore everything. Freedom is not being presented with but a few options — plus covert or overt penalties when you think or feel differently. The kind of leadership that requires people not be educated is not leadership, it is control.

Perhaps you have forgotten what authentic, quality leadership looks like. Once you think about what an ideal form of governance, government, or other ruling looks like, you can see how far away from these norms that Earth really is.

Here are things to remember and consider:

A “good” people send their leaders to the front lines, not just those working on behalf of them from a subordinate position.

Real leaders do not hide behind a desk. They get out to the problem and fix it themselves.

Real leaders take on any roll, job, or task despite it being “beneath” them.

They do not expect adoration or worship.

They promote ideas and solutions, then follow through on them because they do not want to leave their people disappointed.

They do not engage in karmic, entropic behaviors, attitudes or solutions which prove to be cheap, temporary fixes but do not address the root cause of the problem.

They know and respect the fact that they are at the mercy of their people’s wellbeing, not the other way around.

They rest only to go back to work.

They pour adoration back onto their people, even more than the people laud and celebrate the leaders.

Leaders are chosen because of their proven capability.

They leave no one behind, no matter how shitty the person may treat them.

The leaders are not whole until their people are whole.

Leaders agonize over the pain of their people and cannot rest until problems are solved. This is why they also come up with functional, authentic solutions.

They are always full of solutions. They never stop finding solutions until something is resolved.

They want their people to share in the royalty or clout they possess.

They take on challenges to spare others the trouble.

They rely on their team or advisers to come up with ideas and actions to combat problems. They need and value their team because they know they alone cannot always come up with solutions. They like the fact that everyone thinks differently and can make up for flaws in the given courses of action.

They look into the future to predict what will be useful to society or people in the future, in order to prepare for troubles ahead of time and avoid pain.

They want their people educated, sustained, and not living in fear or discord.

They seek to meet the needs of those who need help.

They work together because they understand how essential it is for them to be unified rather than separated by hatred.