Coronavirus-induced ego unraveling

Much like politics and religion, it is likely no two people share the same opinion on the Coronavirus epidemic, how to stop it, or what life will be like afterwards. This isn’t just because people’s opinions vary based on the experiences they’ve had but also since no two people have had the exact same experiences, no two people will ever probably agree on every little detail of how to stop this epidemic and re-open the globe.

The truth is, you’re presently witnessing everyone’s ego’s unraveling. Reactions range from “Que sera sera. We’ll be just fucking fine!”, to “I am screaming at you to tell you to invest in quality gold bullion — on my website, of course,” to “Ha ha! Look how ironic I am making this video in self-quarantine. I’ll make it funny by ‘accidentally’ leaving out my vibrator in the bathroom and I’ll force my husband to do a little song and dance for me. LOL. Do you want to see me pet my dog?” Or, “Why would you get two weeks worth of food? We may be stuck at home but we can still go to the grocery store.” Or the biggest reactor: “Shut the state borders now! Take all of our rights away, I don’t care as long as it flattens the curve! People bitching about it should be grateful!!!!”

Of course there are also the many shades of somewhere in between. Like me: Sudden burst of fear and sadness that I processed, followed by “I need to tie up these loose ends now.” To: I have food. I have what I need to get food. My kid and dog are safe. I know who has crazy eyes and keep them at a distance. And I’ll take the liberty to write whatever the fuck I want since the system is collapsing and I know the divine got this. ;)

The kings and paupers who lost their fortunes in past lives — or never had them to begin with, always just out of their grasp — either cashed out early or are now in despair, in the same boat as almost everyone else. Their status — or lack thereof — is changing. The “I wear rose-colored glasses so everyone likes me,” people are entertaining us on social media and snapping cute pictures of how they and their kids are really roughing it on the nice side of town. The smiles sometimes only last for the picture, I promise you. These are the people who are trying to maintain their status or image of happiness despite the world being in collapse. They don’t want to feel alone or left out.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

How we react tells us what our ego has never learned or processed. Now, that’s not to say every reaction is neurotic, trauma-based, or based on a lesson unlearned. Money concerns are legitimate at this time. Health concerns are legitimate. Sadness for the planet as a global community is warranted. But the point is, it’s worthless to have opinions if they cause us to not see the reality clearly. False hope won’t get us anywhere. Clinging to a past life belief system won’t get us anywhere either. Ignoring the problem won’t get us anywhere. Obsessing over the problem equally won’t get us anywhere. Continuing age-old toxic patterns with friends and family won’t either. The only way to deal with the current times are to understand, process, grieve, accept it, and then understand that the after will change us all and you did what you could with what you had and anything beyond this time will be done with greater clarity and intention.