Letting you die to keep you from dying

Have you seen the videos out of Italy? People leaving their homes, despite warnings not to, begging police officers on patrol to come to their homes and see that they have no food. They beg with prayer-closed hands on their knees for the officials to come see they have nothing to eat and no way to get it. They are turned away for fear of committing a crime asking for life or death assistance.

Or how about the Italian father begging for something to eat. His toddler daughter walks next to him chewing on a dry piece of white bread. She’s in good spirits but he says after tomorrow, she won’t even have that.

Or the guerrilla militias planning raids of grocery stores in Facebook groups in Europe? They are mothers and fathers you would have used to respect. Now they don’t care if you respect them. They have no food.

We have been told it is for our own good that we follow the orders. But is it fair to let people die in order to keep them from dying? And what does this tell you about our world leaders?