When you share a soul child with a karmic partner

This one is for the parents out there, or those who have strong bonds with nieces, nephews, other relatives, or friends’ children that possess a depth, trust, enjoyment, or love that you haven’t felt with a kid before and reminds you of when you were younger and how much you needed what you can emotionally provide the child now.

I’ve written before about the spiritual relationships parents and children have with each other. Some kids have known their parents before, some haven’t, and some are fully integrated souls with both of their parents energy.

In the latter case, the child feels like equal parts both parent, which means the child may not have too much karma it generated away from the parental figures, or it may mean that the parents are very strongly energetically connected. Some kids only feel like one, or neither of their parents too.

I’ll be talking about what happens when a child is the soul or spiritual child of one parent, but is the karmic partner to another. Now, any of the above energetic combinations could be true in this case and it doesn’t really matter too much right now. All you need to consider to figure out if this is your situation is to determine, as a parent, what is your worst fear?

Is your worst fear your child getting hurt? Is your worst fear your child succumbing to some illness or lifestyle choice that would hurt them? Is the fear that you can’t protect them from everything, or wonder if you’re doing a good enough job? Can I provide for them? Am I teaching them enough? I think ultimately that fear could be boiled down and distilled into this: I am scared of losing them forever.

If this worst fear subconsciously drives you, I’m not saying it’s necessarily a healthy thing, but I am saying it tells you a lot about the dynamics of your relationship.

A parent-child relationship between your soul child and their parental karmic partner goes like this, on the other hand: their worst fear is the child not making them look good, the child not taking their side, the child not working hard to be the apple of their eye, the child appearing messy or untidy, the child tattling on said parent, the child making choices for themselves, the child not climbing the social ladder, and on and on.

Now which one feels like an eternal bond and which one feels like temporary Earthly shit? Hmm.

Sharing a soul child with a karmic partner will be very difficult. Your conscious mind may not remember what this person did to your forever kid in past lifetimes, but your sirens and red flags start going off subconsciously every time they do that certain thing(s) that really drives you nuts, scares you, or makes you question their decision-making skills or morality. You never fully trust them with your child. Maybe you’ve always felt like a single parent, despite being in a relationship with the other.

Sometimes, soul parents have to go to great lengths to maintain a normal relationship with their soul child, despite the karmic partner stirring up abuse or drama constantly to maintain control.

Another factor that compounds the situation is the fact that many empathic people have not felt real love from their own parents so their hearts carry a blank spot where the energy of love should have been shown to them but wasn’t. They they love their child but also realizing they could offer them much more on the other side, which can cause guilt or shame or feelings of inadequacy.

The most essential part of this is to recognize or acknowledge your irrational fear of losing them somehow — whether to an act of God, their personal choices, or some fault of your own. Yes, it is true that bodies separate people in the physical world. But your souls have always known each other, always will know each other, and nothing temporary can come between that.

That’s not to say that loss of a child under any circumstances would ever be easy or something to brush off. It’s to say, in those times it will feel like there is no hope. The only hope you have to cling to, perhaps, is the fact that you will see them again. And that’s why I want you to remember it.

Whatever or whomever has come between you two will be fixed once you’re on the other side.