How to easily read beyond someone’s ego

When listening, speaking, or otherwise communicating (non-verbal body language, energy and other cues), a few factors come into play: your ego and theirs, as well as the energy or reaction from those around them or you. There’s a lot to look for and pay attention to, but these are a few ways you can begin hearing the truth.

Reading behind a person’s ego can be challenging at first because it requires you literally retrain your brain how to think and it also requires you admit this place is ass backwards. If you continue to believe a person’s ego or your own, you will only ever get the backwards meaning or interpretation. This meaning is what they want you to think or believe, which is separate from the truth. Or, if you continue to try to believe that this place makes sense, you will only ever doubt yourself and miss the red flags.

I think you should always try to read behind the ego in order to perceive the truth. So the more you use these techniques, the better and better you become at it.

Here’s what you need to do:

First, when they are speaking to you, imagine a few things: what is the literal translation of this and also what is the opposite translation of this? How can I replace my assumption about their meaning with another possible meaning? If you can perceive 5th-dimensional (divine) reasons why something would occur, then you really begin to see the reality for what it is and why another reason would be necessary to explain the circumstances or choices.

I think the best way you can practice is to watch government officials or news anchors speak. Or, you could try this on your friends and family since you probably know a lot about them and would more easily be able to recognize a mistruth.

Usually we process language like this:

A few sentences for example: “Every citizen is being called on to make sacrifices… And I wouldn’t be surprised to see this going long on into the future when this virus is gone and defeated. Some of the things we’re doing now will be very good practice for the future... So some of what we’re learning now will really live on into the future. I really believe that. Shaking hands, or not shaking hands, washing hands all the time, staying a little apart.” -President Trump 3/30/2020

You might assume that because he is speaking about the pandemic, this means real-world solutions for a temporary problem. But this interpretation is lacking the purview of the soul which exists parallel to the 3D meaning.

The brain relies on assumptions as well as interpreting the energy of the speaker. So you may automatically omit certain meanings if the speaker is projecting a wishy-washy energy or uses double speak (saying one thing, then reversing without explanation, as though nothing changed so both meanings become implied and you’re not sure which to choose). They also do this because if you begin to question what they mean, you will be presented with two options: trust your subconscious gut feeling about the meaning, or believe your conscious mind in which you ask yourself, “Why would someone have such a bad intention? I must be mistaken.” You talk yourself out of the truth cues you got because they purposefully gave you two choices in the same breath and until you’ve shed the ego, the conscious mind overrides the subconscious mind.

Malignant people will project a double energetic meaning in order to hide their true intention as well. So they infuse the energy they wish to project onto the word or sentence. This is why you have to feel to see if the energy they project is consistent through out, is striking in certain parts, or if a truthful energy is projected but then interrupted by the energy of lies. If you think you don’t know how to do this, trust me, you probably do. Just ask yourself this: does your subconscious mind think it is real? If your body and subconscious mind have a reaction of falsehood, then it is probably accurate even if you have no explanation why.

Additionally, to translate, assume a new meaning or intention. Instead of the assumption that President Trump is speaking about slowing the spread of a pandemic via the medical system, assume he is speaking about a new way of living (I only suggest this because assuming a 5D meaning is the only way to get the correct answer). You swap out the 3D intention with a 5D intention and then you can perceive the truth that is separate from the ego. Or, the real intention on a very grand scale, versus the day-to-day intention.

If you did that, the sentence would mean this:

You are being asked to lose your rights. After we have acclimated you to this, this new system will continue. You only assumed your rights would be reinstated the exact same way. The future is much different than the present. In the future, you have no rights. We’re trying to limit social interaction.

Or, like I said, you can also just assume the opposite meaning of what the speaker has said. This is usually true in cases where someone tries to make something seem better than it really is, or is more hopeful about it than they really are. This is usually evident when their body is giving all sorts of distress signals but they are acting like things are great on the surface.

Sometimes the subconscious truth comes out first, followed by the ego. For example, someone may something very serious or make a projection but then they follow that up with a dismissal or minimizing of their assessment or the problem. Like, “This is a total diaster. But we’re not sure yet, we’ll just have to see when we get there. So I’m pretty sure we’ll be okay.” It feels like an ombre rainbow… Three tiers of gradated self soothing.

You can and should also look for non-verbal cues, such as quick double blinking which indicates anxiety or lying. There is usually a cognitive dissonance within the person, indicating another (true) storyline that they are trying to keep hidden, or they’re telling you what you want to hear and they know this full well.

Also watch the energy of those near the main speaker. Many people are very self-aware of their subconscious body language so they try to hold back on purpose. You’ll “feel” their body tense up, as if they are holding their breath so they don’t get a sudden subconscious outburst. Their energy is one of “I am following along with you. I am hoping we don’t mess this up” because they’re projecting so much energy into sticking to something rather than having an organic experience. When you have organic experiences, you aren’t thinking about a predetermined set of information. Mike Pence tries to be good at this (he’s not). Trump does a side-cocked head and lip purse, sometimes with nods, to indicate interest in the false topic while his mind is wandering to the truth.

It’s a bit like doing algebra in your head, but with feelings. You can also begin to see who is silently judging the situation and assessing everything while the main speaker is speaking. In other words, the people around the main speaker don’t just give little subconscious clues as to how they really feel or what is really happening. They also are ruminating on the truth — even if it is not a pretty truth — and even if this truth is being hidden. When this happens, they will feel like the inner child or wounded spirit coming out for a look. Their conscience begins to be felt, in other words. You feel the self-judgment. From there, you can see who is going along with the lie, who is the manufacturer of the lie, and who is being forced into the lie. Overlaying emotions such as grief, fear, anger, disdain, superiority, etc. tell you who is who.