Oil and fuel are next

Forms of energy are about to be affected by the pandemic and global response. Oil will be next.

It is up to each individual to consider advanced preparation even if they are early adopters or looked down upon. We can prepare and bear less impact or we can discount the warnings and be completely unprepared, to our great detriment.

Of course after oil, food shortages and price gouging will ensue. That food you were told not to worry about (“You can still go to the grocery store and get food delivered. We don’t have bare shelves”) will soon be in short supply. Of course there are no talks to mitigate this in advance because so many resources are being invested into medical equipment. So the food shortage will hit and there will be no recovering quickly.

If oil becomes scarce or obsolete, transportation will be reserved for the few. Airplanes are already grounded and borders are closed or closing so there is nowhere to go anyway.

After this, electricity is questionable.

Don’t hoard but you might want to fill up your gas tank this week. Plus a little extra for next time.