Current collective energy update

As I’ve been trying to communicate, the karmic matrix system is in the middle of crumbling in on itself. This is not by chance, but rather by design. I can’t convince you of that but hopefully I have provided another perspective to the mainstream news as well as the “just meditate and be chill” brand of spirituality. Real, historic 5D shit is transpiring before our very eyes, in this lifetime, and the divine has warned us about this very age we find ourselves in. No more lifetimes to accrue karmic debt, live just to survive, meet those abusers all over again and entangle yourself, or experience more heartache and hardship. I can’t speak for you, but despite the immense pain, I am so honored to be able to witness this changing of the guard.

That Stockholm Syndrome-esque vibe I felt last week (“I feel sorry for having a reaction to your abuse. You’re such a good person. Please forgive me. I’m sorry I made you feel unappreciated”) has been transformed into and energy of acceptance. It’s as if people are figuring out “how can I make this new reality work for me? How can I thrive in it? I bet I can,” instead of asking why they are being controlled in the first place.

If you are forced to abide by a system so you are not hurt, you are being controlled. If you choose a system, you adhere to it because you naturally and authentically believe in it. One is abusive, one is not. One system offers different variations on the same choice and calls it multiple choice. The other offers unlimited systems and choices because you are the creator of the system and the sky is the limit when you are free.

I said before I do not foresee a major uprising on the horizon. I see a sudden flood of so much new information and new systems (laws and guidelines, news and occurrences) that it will be very difficult for people to keep up. Your head will be spinning with just how much is changing. You will start to feel uneducated, like you must catch up somehow. You will study the new system and try to learn it. But you would have to make watching the news and analyzing it a full time job in order to grasp everything that is about to be announced as changes.

Sure, some very small groups here and there may try to protest the new global system, but I sadly do not think they will get anywhere — or be able to convince others of the gravity of the situation. I do not feel any vibe of major country-wide protests. That doesn’t mean that can’t change, but it’s just not what I’m getting.

Again, because the threat is biological, people who would normally protest are living in fear — not only that they will get sick but that they will make others sick or cause others to think they do not care about them. There is simply too much at risk.

Much needed basic and essential supplies will be very helpful to have on hand in the coming weeks as the old system crashes and the new is installed. Phasing out of one system in which you still rely on certain perks but may no longer have access to them in the future is a real pain in the ass.

You may also feel a much greater level of creativity and openness. Source energy is bursting through the 3D energy so we are being straight flooded with supernatural, divine energy. You may find yourself getting sudden ideas, bursts of inspiration, putting pieces together and seeing how it all connects, or feelings of peace and calm despite the extreme pain we see around the world. It’s as if all remnants of the ego are being pelted with 5D vibes. It looks like Swiss cheese at this point. You’re getting the most unfettered access you’ve ever gotten to the collective unconscious, Akashic records and divine secrets that until now, remained hidden. Use it to your advantage.

Your intuition will also be heightened during this time, so please trust yourself and observe all that is going on around you. Even if no one agrees with you, that does not necessarily mean you are wrong. Even if you yourself are not sure what you are witnessing but keep getting subconscious hints and pokes, keep following that thread. You are being taught as long as you remain open and do not assume you already know it all. We never do.