Here’s how to play the game

Before working through your past life problems, healing — true root-cause healing — is impossible. The way the game works is this: You play the game not knowing it is a game. A system, if you will. There is a pre-assumed set of rules within the system that you must learn. Then you must figure out why you are in the game/system and how to overcome it.

Even if you figure out there is a system, as each ascended master has tried to teach us (they came to give us the unspoken rules), still, you are surrounded by people who have no clue about the rules. It requires very strong personal motivation to overcome the system alone.

Each lifetime you are given the opportunity to pay for the karma you accrued before you knew what the rules were, by reliving similar past life problems or scenarios in hopes you will recognize it and do the opposite, thereby working off the debt. Do not worry about how you will find these karmic circumstances. They always come to you!

When you work off the debt, you are freed from the system but doing so temporarily generates a ton of karmic energy back into the system via what is essentially the reverse of pay it forward. All kinds of toxic energy gets thrown around, further enslaving people unless everyone is aware and very careful. Most people, until they are aware, end up generating more karma when they themselves are resolving their karma, or someone around them is. Almost everyone reacts from a place of wounding, rather than using the principle of the opposite in order to heal, then react in a healthy way that had escaped them previously.

If you continue to do the opposite of what your wounding tells you to do, in the process you shed the ego because you see you no longer need it. It was but a remnant of a far distant past that no longer makes sense in the immediate lifetime. You see it was holding you back and hurting you. Who you were told to be is in no way relevant to how you play the game today.

As you resolve the karma one situation at a time, you must feel every feeling, recount every emotion, and observe and record your data about the situation so you can learn from it. Aka: don’t do a groundhog’s day type thing again please.

In essence, you heal yourself. It’s like you’re traveling backwards by addressing problems while everyone else is traveling forwards ignoring them but surprise! forwards becomes backwards half way through so you’ve suddenly got the upper hand.

Eventually you get to a point where you will be left with only present lifetime problems. And these go back way deeper than you think. It’s not just the way your parents treated you — or each other — as a kid that is important here. It could also be your birth experience, not being card for adequately (burping, diaper changes), hunger cues being ignored, and no loving parent stroking your baby head (we know it makes kids smarter and that’s because it stimulates your third eye and it’s one way the vibration of empathy is passed from mother (or other adult) to child. Putting effort into taking care of a child, including stroking a baby’s head requires time and intention, after all – things that must be manufactured from within which tells you it’s a real gift.

If you can process wounds like this and ponder how they may have affected your belief system about the world and how it caused you to behave or feel, you can acknowledge the subconscious pain and release it once and for all. Yes, you did not get all of the things you needed from this place but this system was incapable of giving you what you needed. It helps put a period on expecting more out of an existence predicated on pain. You can and will have to give yourself whatever you need.

Overcome the subconscious adverse experiences that any modern adult would consider a “normal experience” that they overeacted to when they had an infants mind. They were serious concerns then and you probably never realized what an impact they had on you as a very young human, over and over again. You can then move onto the other side of the healing process in which healing is no longer painful and scary. If you resolve the pain that led up to this very moment, you get to a baseline, no longer in the red of pain indebtedness. Eventually, you come to a point where healing feels good because you trust that it works, see that it works, and you stop trying to start-stop your healing. From there, all illusion stops.

That’s how the game that none of us knew we were playing works.