Why it’s essential that intuitives understand their victimhood

Intuitives are abused, plain and simple. Until we become aware of who we are, we are easy targets because we feel way too much empathy for the very people who are hurting and controlling us.

Because intuitives are so often controlled by abusive people until they become aware, they are highly attuned to change. Victims watch and study their perpetrator’s behavior. Being highly sensitive to a perp’s energy is a number one survival technique in order to endure and survive past the abuse.

This nervous system, brain and hormone response from the victim is extremely toxic and damaging to the body and soul and it can control you for years, a lifetime, or several lifetimes.

Ideally, you work with professionals and your higher self you overcome these wounds and responses. It takes time but it usually works. And even if you overcome the crippling anxiety or depression, you might still react in very inflated or retracted ways, get nervous, be unable to calm yourself, experience flashbacks, focus on worst-case scenarios, and more. It’s like your body is reacting as when it was in the abuse even though your mind understands there is no immediate threat.

You were so tuned into the every nuance of your abuser. You instinctively knew their limits, when they were more likely to explode and lose control of themselves, how they gradually ratcheted up the threats, and what they acted like after they calmed down. You felt each sequential change in tone and seriousness or unpredictability.

The most sensitive intuitives are also sometimes the ones that have been the most abused and are therefore better able to predict when something is about to happen, or explain why and how something happened in the first place. Once you recognize this about yourself, you can use this response as a benefit to yourself and others in order to help them understand what’s going on around them.

You are highly tuned into both the gradual and fast changes. You know when a change signifies something is not right or about to go way left. Others may not recognize these changes, but you have the ability to share with them what is truly transpiring and how to process and interpret it.