Channeled messages 4/5/2020

How to stop being addicted to the pain body: recognize how often you are able to let your guard down without thinking about what next unfortunate circumstance will arise that you will have to take care of. When you cannot relax, it may be because you are having flashbacks. Not only are you projecting a negative future outcome but you are also reliving the past and projecting it into the future. Therefore you can never be relaxed and out of pain.

Think about the concept of “going out in the world how you came into the world.” What does this mean to you? Would it mean that your wounding would hit a point where you only have present lifetime pain? Imagine how much less pain you would feel. Imagine how present you could be. In other words, what if you could baseline time? Meaning, what if you could experience the present by collapsing the future and the past in on themselves to create one new timeline? If the past, present, and future are all equals, there is no way to become indebted. it requires an acceptance of the past, not fearing the future, understanding what the future will bring, and feeling everything in the present without distraction.

Why you get blocks in channeling: if you are in denial about something, you will not be able to feel the vibration of any divine messages you are asking for. The ego is the frequency of blocking and ceilings. it stops at a certain point. You have to manually chip away at it to reach higher and higher vibrational thoughts. But if you have been taught to think in linear terms, why would you ever consider vertical things? You have to teach yourself to do it so that you can reflect the energy of the answer you believe to be true across the collective unconscious and see which vibrations rings of truth. If a vibration is out of your reach, you may assume it does not exist. But it does. You just have to relearn it.

On you being scared someone will force you to give them empathy based on fraudulent circumstances: there is another kind of energy vampire. It is the one who demands your sympathy. Your sympathy should be going to yourself and those who genuinely evoke that reaction out of you. If you have to manufacture empathy as a highly sensitive intuitive person, you will be able to tell the difference between that which comes from within and that which is manufactured due to demand. You feel everything. Based on these feelings, you understand quite a lot but usually suppress it subconsciously because you feel so out of place. So your feelings are usually happening on a subconscious level, in order for the conscious mind/ego to appear louder. If you tap back into those subconscious feelings, anything that elicits a reactionary, fear-based, anxious, or frustrated reaction that is immediate is something to take seriously, even if you judge these feelings and hold them back. Anyone who elicits no reaction is someone to not force any kind of connection with.

Empaths are dragged in by the need to provide empathy. They are natural solution makers so they see a problem and their natural instinct is to find a solution. A sad person deserves a friend, right? A “problem” is an activity that an empath may find interesting, learn from, or become occupied with. So finding a solution for a person who drains your empathy in a way that does not feel natural is at first appealing but then you get more and more physiological cues that something is amiss. Eventually, you feel forced into giving them a right to request more and more access to your time and feelings. One small foothold suddenly overcomes you because you don’t want to feel their pain anymore so you try to stop it for them. You assume the favor will be returned so you ask for nothing in return.

Those reactions are like hints. a trail of breadcrumbs. Follow the track back farther and farther and eventually you get to a place where two roads meet: what you thought was the truth and what is actually the truth. From there, you see everything at once, no longer having to second guess and choose which one is correct. All are correct at once. You understand this when you understand how to read the ego and the subconscious mind, the past and present and future all at the same time.

On narc bots: you can feel whose family has trained them into the ways of abuse. They have a very firm sense of right and wrong, but not based on their personal beliefs or even universal truths — based on that which was trained into them. They have a very hard time questioning their own ego almost as if they would be betraying someone by doing so; as if the one thing they can’t ever do is give into their subconscious mind and let it spill their secrets. You can feel the energy of a military sergeant on them, even if they do not visibly fit that profile. These people have experienced some of the worst forms of abuse because they have had their soul identity stripped from them. The sad part is, they think they know who they are on a soul level but never will even if you help them and even if you make some minor progress. They would have to want to do it for themselves because the ego is programmed to not accept any other (new) commands. It’s almost like a firewall that fights back.

On believing that you do not owe the narcs anything: a deeply embedded subconscious belief is that you owe something to your abusers. This is what generates empathy falsely from within you. This feeling of empathy makes you feel you should work harder and harder to meet the demands of your abusers because of how shamefully inadequate you are and how much they deserve it.

On the phrase “there is a light at the end of the tunnel”: notice how often people go to this quip to gloss over everything and make it all better. Are they speaking of a physical tunnel or a spiritual one? Let’s say it is a spiritual metaphor. Some call it the white light. When you walk through that tunnel, without realizing, you begin to forget of all the pain of that lifetime, you begin to feel elated to be on the other side, and you are told by “God” that you have a very important life mission on Earth. And then he asks if you will go back to complete this life mission and you joyfully agree. Except you are subjected to more pain and heartbreak and only in some rare cases do you remember this. When someone uses the phrases and promises you a light at the end of the tunnel, ask yourself if you really want to repeat that again.

Consider that thought and you may find your initial subconsciously reaction is that you are afraid you are not powerful enough to remember in order to liberate yourself from coming back. In order to tell “God” I do not wish to return. But if you relived all of the past lifetimes at once in one lifetime, as many of you have done, then it is less likely that you will forget who you are and your experiences because they are all fresh in your soul. Even if you do know what your past lifetimes were, you still interacted with those people and experienced the same problems this go round, and hopefully, this time around you learned from them and found solutions — even if it was apart.

Getting to the other side of the other side also requires you trust yourself and your divine connection 100%. If you still doubt yourself, the messages you receive, or the actions you are told to take, your soul will not be strong enough. you will still feel at a disadvantage because someone else holds the power of doubt over you.

I would also call this “how to die” for those whose lives are lost in this process.

Why channeling can be painful: in order to access the higher truths, you have to be able to “hear” your subconscious mind. By hear, I mean feel. The subconscious mind possesses it’s own built-in warning system in regards to pain, so in order to be warned or hear the alarm, you have to know to listen to it in the first place. Once you realize this and start paying attention to it, you will also, if you have been abused or traumatized, feel the flashbacks to all of the subconscious fears and pain and anguish you have hidden in every lifetime. So you may feel a surge of fear because you thought of an unfavorable situation but then you begin to feel the messages the subconscious wants to offer you in order to guide you. You have to power through the subconscious pain, heal it, analyze it and learn from it, and release it in order to stop feeling the pain every time the divine is trying to get your attention. Eventually, you can get to a place where use of your subconscious mind is not painful at all because you have healed.