Warnings to consider before taking hydroxychloroquine

Viruses are tricky. In the holistic health world, we know that underlying viral infections are in fact root causes of major diagnosed illness, but because modern medicine has stigmatized cause and effect “connections” (how one or many things relate and in which order), people may go a lifetime untested or undiagnosed with common viruses that are making them sick. Or, they may be told there’s nothing that can be done for it and instead the symptom (the overarching illness itself) is treated, rather than the cause. We are told the diagnosed illness is the end point, the answer. In fact, this is just the starting point. “Aha! Look, this lab test proves this is what has been troubling you all along, now stop seeking answers” is the ass backwards conclusion of a backwards-taught society. Want to stop it from happening? Learn where the heck it came from and how to prevent it again.

The Epstein-Barr virus, for example, is a known co-infection for Lyme Disease, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, Autism, and much much more. You can treat the autoimmune disease but if the underlying and unacknowledged virus is at least in part causing the immune condition, why wouldn’t you treat the virus? Hopefully you would, except it’s not so easy.

Viral infections don’t just go away. They stay in our systems in some manner — either active or inactive, sometimes forcing people into lifelong treatment. Other times, secondary symptoms may subside but the virus DNA lives on in the host and doesn’t seem to cause any problems. Viruses cannot survive outside of their hosts for great periods of time, unless they are kept under ideal conditions.

As with all of the information we’re receiving about the coronavirus and COVID-19, I want to know why one medication is being suggested over another. When you have observed the true behavior of your leaders, you start questioning their intentions and judgments.

As of present, there are no ways to kill a virus within a human host. You can slow it’s spread, mitigate the side effects, or support other systems that aide a person’s organs or immunity, but you cannot kill it the way we can kill bacteria with an antibiotic. This was always a sticking point in the holistic health communities: treat the virus with the best we have (humic acid or amino acids, btw) but there is no way to “kill” it and therefore stop the root problem.

Hydroxychloroquine (the suggested and experimental treatment for coronavirus) is an anti-malarial drug, which means it treats a parasite. While viruses are a form of parasite, they reproduce differently from other parasites, like fleas, amoebae, ringworm, and others.

Viruses infect the host by causing the hosts’ own cells to replicate their viral protein. It’s a hijack and mimicry. Other forms of parasites replicate, on the other hand, and continue to infect their hosts via their own sexual or asexual reproduction. Both are like invading armies set on infiltration but only one forces your body to work on it’s behalf.

So why would one believe that a medication designed to combat the effects of an amoebae would cure a virus if they reproduce differently?

Not only is hydroxychloroquine considered experimental because no conclusions have yet been draw on it’s effectiveness in treating the coronavirus, and additionally at least one small study has shown it is not effective in treatment of the coronavirus, but it has been used experimentally on MERS, SARS and H1N1. Sounds like two contradictory statements if you ask me. Did they use it before and observe effects that were compiled into findings, or did they not? Either way, the admission that they don’t know how this will go and yet it is being used as a standard practice should send us some major red flags. Medical experimentation, much? Do you believe there is no government data collected on the effects of a drug that has been used for at least three similar viruses?

The surgeon general has admitted that hydroxychloroquine is being given at much larger doses than are normally used. Exactly which doses I am not sure. Exactly why they believe giving higher doses is effective, I am also not sure.

There are studies on hydroxychloroquine indicating that high doses, high doses for extended periods of time (unsure exactly what that is), or even moderate doses for extended periods of time are considered dangerous and increase the risk of serious side effects. The most serious side effect being retinopathy.

Retinopathy is a condition in which the retina of the eye becomes damaged. The retina is the structure of the eyes that help us to sense light. There are different causes for retinopathy but if the disease progresses, a person will lose partial or total vision.

Now here’s the kicker: hydroxychloroquine dosing is almost always inaccurate due to the fact that dosage should be prescribed according to ideal body mass, not actual body mass. In other words, those who are even slightly overweight may be subject to an over-dose due to the fact that their provider is likely dosing at the patient’s current overall body weight.

Since this medication concentrates in muscles rather than fat, technically an overweight person who is over-medicated is getting an even greater percentage than meets the eye: their lean body tissue mass is usually less than the body fat they carry. It’s akin to doctors giving two, three, four — depending on how overweight the person is — the amount of medication the person actually needs. So even the first recommendation to dose according to ideal body tissue mass may be inaccurate because muscle loss risk increases as weight gain occurs.

Additionally, antibiotics are being used to treat coronavirus. Again, an anti-bacterial agent cannot be used to treat a virus, unless the person has bacterial co-morbid infections that are also causing them troubles. It’s apples and oranges, and after someone has taken a round of antibiotics (especially unnecessary ones), their immune system function is actually reduced!

Medical treatments whose side effects or benefits are still not understood should not be used on a population as a remedy only for later side effects to be ignored or apologized for.

Trauma is built into our human physical and spiritual DNA by perpetual biological threats as well as emotional trauma and destabilizing by the very people who proclaim to be offering us a cure. Humans will never be free if they continue to allow trauma and genetic changes to be imposed on them continually, right under their noses. Escaping generational trauma is possible but it requires a fight for your life against the demons that enslave you and the treatments that make you more sick.