The energy of the deepest wound

On 4/4, we entered a portal and conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto, planets of destruction and creation. This is believed to be a time of high intuition and magic, which one may assume feel good. Instead, what we have seen are very challenging energies. This isn’t just because of the pandemic but because of how people are feeling the depths of their karma in this final cycle as the Age of Aquarius has brought that which must be addressed to light.

While manifestation potential is ripe, it’s not exactly the kind of manifesting one would want to welcome into their life. It’s more an immediate cause and effect, a feeling of being an energetic accident waiting to happen, a “I am waiting for the other shoe to drop” anticipation. Karmic timelines have sped up and are almost paralell to the present.

Before, karma was deferred and some people never had to face any consequences. Lifetime after lifetime they would pretend nothing needed to be changed. Now, karma is almost at an instantaneous speed and this will be true for anyone, even if you have good intentions. Even a passing negative thought will hold a lot of weight right now, so keep that in mind.

Because of this speed up and energetic dumping, people’s deepest wounds and fears are rising. Sure, they’re still living life like it will go back to normal soon, but do you feel the lack of momentum underneath it all? The back-up generators are silent. Subconsciously it is as if people understand there’s no point in spinning their wheels to keep up their status in the society we once knew. There will be few remnants of it at the end of the change in system. It doesn’t feel like a vacation. It feels like a stopping point.

People’s deepest fears are rising because they no longer have much to distract them from reality.

Unlike in the past when karmic energies arose, this vibration feels more like heartbreak than fighting; more like the intense pain of divine separation between souls who know they are not meant to feel alone, rather than an external enemy. While interpersonal conflicts are still on the rise, people are actually fighting themselves and the shame of isolation from the divine (you may think of it as the Eve wound).

The world is in the midst of a pandemic that affects the heart chakra. Whether you are with people you genuinely vibe with at this time or not, you may be feeling a surge of pain from isolation, pain in your heart or chest, and boatloads of un-grieved grief.

What could hurt more than being rejected by the divine and living out subjugation on Earth because of how inadequate we are? Could this be true or is this just a story we have come to believe thanks to religion? Or both?

You may feel a separation from the divine amplified at this time. While becoming intuitive means you tap more and more into the energies of the divine, right now, the divine feels nowhere to be found. Humanity feels forsaken. As an intuitive, when the divine goes offline, it’s scary times because you only have yourself to guide you and the fog up ahead is so dense, you know you can’t save yourself. It is during these times that you realize how much they have offered you in guidance before, how they did not have to spend their time on you but did, and how you were so guided and led despite the number of people also asking for answers. You become painstakingly patient.

The pain of separation is beginning to show. Not the pain we see on the news stories of grandchildren waving to grandparents through windows and screen doors, but the ache in the middle of a person’s heart that they are separated from divine energy and feel helpless. Hope is the energy the divine provides. You can get high on it, and it’s why real divine energy is in such stark contrast to any other messages you receive: it feels like excited anticipation mixed with love and promise, and it keeps empathic people fueled. Without it, this physical reality is all there is. When you don’t feel the vibration of hope, remember the promises made and remind yourself of them often.