Can lies make you sick?

Do you hate when someone lies to you? It doesn’t just bother you but it strikes a guttural chord; a reaction you can’t control? If you were to watch someone lie to your face, where would you get that reaction? Perhaps your nervous system, your hormones (a surge of stress responses), and your heart rate? How would your stomach feel?

Many empathic people suffer digestive illness (until they heal it, that is). Could it be that this gut-churning reaction (“I am uncertain and it deeply concerns me”), indigestion (when you’ve swallowed too many lies for too long and they’re coming back up), heartburn (when you’re very angry about swallowing the lie), or lack of digestive motility (picture someone gulping a drink and trying to get it down but half-way choking every time they force themselves to swallow) is little more than a subconscious indication of the reality around you?

Try watching the news while also paying attention to your subconscious physical responses. You’ll start noticing the chain reaction of well, your TRUE reactions, over the rationalizing of your subconscious mind. It’s like those glow-in-the-dark bracelets kids love. You snap once and a little section lights up. The more you snap it, the more it lights up. A ping pong of awakening all over in places you wouldn’t expect because nobody snaps those things in an order.

You may feel an uncomfortable punch in the gut. Recognize it, feel it fully until it subsides, then release it because you realize you no longer need it. (How’s your fascia in that area, btw? Excessive? Adhesed?)

Lies can make you sick.

What was the original lie?