The ancient band-aid on the chakras

You experience trauma. You feel a certain way about that trauma. You begin emoting that feeling and you process most every experience through that emotion. Others tell you that you are wrong for feeling that way or you must be mistaken. You are shamed for your most basic feelings related to your safety and security, the wellbeing of others, what is right or fair, what you need to thrive, and on and on. You come to associate your feeling with the perception that you are wrong for feeling this way. You learn to hide your feelings.

Think of it as placing a band-aid over your chakra centers. Light emanates from behind a bandage placed front and center upon it. The light is dimmed, the mid-point isn’t active, and it’s clear the band-aid is bulging from the pressure behind it.

You want to hide the scars that reveal how you’re actually feeling, since you have associated any authentic feelings at all with complete and total shame. That band-aid acts as a great mask. It also makes the wound wet, raw, and sticky. You know it’s never properly healed and you are terrified of someone else seeing this.

Perhaps you become resistant, defiant, or aggressive in an effort to protect the wound. You have learned what “dog eat dog” means and whatever is hiding beneath those wounds is so naive, childish, and silly that you will fight to the death pretending you never felt the way it appeared you did when you were first hurt since it is only ever used against you.

Others put you in a position where you have to prove the pain. They have told you and others it is not real, so you learn to project the pain as proof. You don’t know you’re doing this and you don’t mean to, but it’s as if you have been given a directive from those who doubt and your subconscious mind wants to prove itself real. “Prove your pain to us,” you are told.

When you prove your pain, you are told your reaction to the pain is the very reason they still don’t believe you. So you try harder. “Will you acknowledge this pain now?!” you ask. And then you start hurting others in a similiar way to how you were hurt.

“Do you feel this pain now?!” you ask. “Don’t you recognize it? This is what you have given me. This is what I carry because of you!”

It becomes yet another reason they still do not believe you. “If you were really in pain,” they say, “then we would have empathy for you. Since we do not have empathy for you, you must just like to hurt people.” Or, “We never did that to you, so your pain is irrational.”

And on and on this cycle continues.

Eventually you realize that you do not need to be ashamed for feeling the way you did at the time of your trauma. How you felt then and how you feel now may differ because that’s what happens as you learn and assess through a higher lens. How can you blame yourself for not automatically possessing a higher lens when forgetting all you know is a predication to life on Earth? How you felt then was not wrong. It was right for the time. How you feel now is appropriate for the time as well.

Instead of holding onto the shame that you felt broken at a certain time because of trauma does not mean you still have to defend this feeling if your perspective has changed. In other words, don’t be ashamed for what you did or felt then. Even though you were told you were wrong for reacting to trauma, you did what was right. Others simply wanted you to suppress the trauma so it would never have to be dealt with (few like opening Pandora’s karmic box of horseshit). 101. So you felt ashamed of that.

Aha! That light bulb moment can help you disassociate the shame you transposed onto your feelings about the trauma. They are not one emotion but two. By releasing the shame, you can access your actual feelings about the situation without the shame response that makes you shut down and cause more chakra blockages.

To heal the original wounds, you have to peel off the band-aid and examine what is underneath. You can no longer be scared of others feeling your pain, seeing your pain, exposing your pain, or using your pain against you. Let it out regardless. This is why the #metoo movement was so essential. People stopped being scared of the shame of being honest.

This wound (shame) sits atop the original personal trauma and must be ripped off before you can deal with the actual wound.

You cannot completely unblock the chakras any other way; both must be addressed.

Shame is the original wound. With your chakras, the first wound is shame, the second is your trauma.

The Bank of Karmic Deferment just went bankrupt. Payments are due upon receipt and that means any toxic energy will be liberated one way or another. Best to pay if off yourself while there’s still time.