Markers of a soulless human

There are three types of souls: benevolent, malevolent or malignant, and neutral.

Each of us have the ability to become any one of those three choices and the degree to which the soul is abused, amnesic, coerced, or otherwise “led” will determine to a great deal which they become, or which is amplified.

We have free will, yes, but if you’re secretly being influenced, are you really free?

As I have said before, true freedom on this planet requires a warrior spirit, a soul willing to do anything (ethical) to reclaim their personal liberty. You fight until you can no longer fight. It is the essence of spiritual warfare. It does not end because you have already fought hard, because you are older now, or because you have any personal advantages.

Empathic person, you were not allowed to be who you really are. You were programmed, as we all were, from birth, into what everyone else around you and society at large expected. You were shaped and molded. It’s like the difference between the parent who lets his/her children tell them who each child is, or the parent who tells their child they will be a doctor or lawyer. One is freedom, one is enslavement. One is authentic, one is contrived. One is real, one is not.

Malignant souls are sometimes easy to spot and sometimes very difficult. I have dedicated years to trying to out these people by teaching others their tactics. My book teaches you how to identify them, as do many of my blogs.

A benevolent soul possesses a consciousness that is able to self-reflect. Malignant souls can also self-reflect but the energy feels different because the latter is self-reflecting to see if they could be caught for their devious deeds. The first is self-reflective because their very real live conscience is speaking to them and trying to guide them, so they assess their actions and thoughts with what they know to be right and true.

There is another kind of soul: a soulless soul, or a neutral soul. Soulless sounds harsh and one may assume it means the person is so malignant that they no longer possess a soul because they have “sold it” for temporary gain. But no. In fact, a soulless or neutral soul is just that – someone who is neither benevolent or malevolent. They exist in the middle of the spectrum.

These people do not know how to self-assess themselves or assess the greater intention behind other people’s thoughts and actions. In other words, they lack the ability to assess over-arching intention and make connections. They are unaware of the impact of cause and effect. They don’t do this to deny their own behavior, they do it because they have never thought to question and they likely never will.

Empaths, even if they are still “asleep” and have never questioned themselves, others, or why they are here and what it all means have the potential to do so. It is simply a matter of them realizing they desire it and can get it.

Narcissists or malignants also have this ability. By and large, narcs are very smart people and have the capacity to question and seek answers. The problem is they are not open to the genuine answers because they cannot release control due to how brainwashed and traumatized they are. The pain they would feel at the abuse they have endured and dished out would be too great, so they constantly defer karmic payments through denial, abuse, and control.

The neutral or soulless human on the other hand has no ability to question higher truths because they are deeply entrenched the in frequencies of the 3rd dimensional world. It’s like they’re completely asleep to the pain and torture transpiring on a spiritual level between empaths and narcs, so they’re kind of caught up in the middle, unbeknownst to them.

When you look into the eyes of a soulless human, they have no consciousness to reflect back to you. It is blank inside. They will only reflect back 3D information, no spiritual, divine, or supernatural information.

Look into the eyes of a narc and you will feel a consciousness reflected back to you, but it is a scary one full of pain, suffering, control, torture, punishment, and abuse. They always feel like they’re ready to bait the next victim.

Look into the eyes of an empath and you will not only feel a consciousness reflected back to you, they will honor the consciousness they see in you. You will both try to protect the soul consciousness you see reflected back to you.

This is why, despite the scriptures telling humans we have free will, predetermination or predestination also exists. You are who you are, but we all have the ability to change that — for our betterment or to our own detriment.