Why a robust immune system is essential for your spiritual vitality

We think of the human immune system as a biological system. Purely physical. But in fact, your immune system also serves a metaphysical purpose.

When you are strong physically, you are more apt to be strong spiritually. Long term illness or symptoms lower your vibration and you also begin to assign feelings about the symptom to the symptoms themselves. It becomes a cycle of pain, emotional subconscious trigger, follow by a feeling of despair, frustration, anger, hopelessness, anxiety, and on because you are sick in the first place.

In other words, you begin to become the vibration of the illness.

The weaker and more overburdened your body, but especially your immune system becomes, the more likely you are to become weaker spiritually since you are not able to invest high-quality energy back into yourself — it is being drained by the illness.

We are told “we don’t know why illness happens,” or, “we only know why some illnesses happen.” Or, the biggest, “we will one day allow you to pay for the cure. Which, btw, has side effects. You may get lucky and have it work for you. Either way, you’ll owe us money.”

This is a lie, of course. It takes but a basic understanding and interest in cause and effect to be able to understand why people get sick in the first place.

Think about illness as a specific way to dysregulate one’s energy field, rather than a strictly physical manifestation. Because this is exactly what happens.

If shame is the original wound, then what illnesses have stemmed from this wound? And what about the many other karmic wounds that have become stuck in the human energy field as a result of how we react to shame?

Could the promise of “new bodies” and “no more tears” hint at a much greater reality of the construct we have been born into? This existence is dependent upon pain, shame, and sickness. Is there a reality where that might not be true and is that what ascension is all about?