Channeled messages 4/12/2020

On programming different populations: Imagine a huge spiderweb. Each place the strands of spider’s silk meet lives an institution. Some institutions tell you they are institutions and others do not. Some have an official seal, a consensus it is trustworthy. Other times, it is the weird, small, offshoot group that promotes a certain belief system and certain way of doing things which you will be punished for if you disobey.

It could be a school, a hospital, a church, a hobby group, a store, social group, a family, etc. Anywhere groups of people meet around a certain thing is a narcopath in charge of reinforcing the programming. (You are lucky if you find one who is run by a genuine soul).

Each of these organizations brainwash in the same way. The information may be slightly different but they all ultimately reinforce beliefs that are not based on universal truth, in an effort to manipulate and confuse and control.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints send its youth on mission trips for two years at a time, limiting contact with family, isolating them, dropping them into a propaganda machine, and making them suck up to superiors in the process. They assure you this will lead you closer to God and closer to channeling messages from the Holy Spirit. It’s good for you and it’s helping people you are told.

In an effort to create the spiritual soldier the church needs to propagate, it separates these young people from their “old” life. Everything gets put on hold for two years as they work seven days a week, 365 days a year, with barely enough stipend to pay for food. They are accompanied by a “companion” mentor everywhere they go, often literally room to room.

If they miss their friends or family back home, they get to write a letter once a week, make a phone call twice a year, and not see them until the mission is over.

If you give up once you realize what you have gotten yourself into, you face personal and family shame for leaving. “I guess you just weren’t cut out for God’s work.”

This is just an example. Most all groups use these same practices in order to program people. They isolate you from people who are not in the group. They make you constantly reinforce the false group messages. They reinforce rules and punishments. They have people who influence you, force you to keep going, or otherwise shame you if you do not follow along. If you stay in the system long enough, you end up being the one who does this to others.

Of course, they pair a newbie up with someone who has not been in the program for long. This is in an effort to not show the major discrepancy in energy between a brand new person and someone who has been trained in the organization for many years. The newbie might feel dark energy on the group elder and realize they do not want to become like them. Elders are only used to reinforce a false idol to worship and desire to become like, but you must never see behind the veil or your gut instincts would tip you off that something is wrong.

Think back to all of the great thinkers and activists who, just upon release of their “radical” information, or just after, they were killed, harmed, or jailed. We were told they were traitors of the state. Were they traitors of the people or traitors to those in power? Are those in power working at all costs to keep humanity from evolving spiritually? And what would happen if we did? But wait, recognizing patterns makes you dangerous.

The insanity is that you may watch this happening in real time and try to wake others up and you will be called into question because they have been so well-programmed that they believe you are the one who is insane for desiring to be free. “Free from what?” they will ask you, as if they have never felt pain before.

How you will know you are walking into your karma: It will feel as if your life stops. You become so immersed in problems, in past issues, in past pain that you cannot focus well on the present. In other words, you almost stop feeling the present and instead live in the nostalgia of the past, pain of the past, or the hope for the future because the present is so despicable.

You have a sense of “If I could just resolve this then I can get back to living my life.” It is because karma steals from you and makes you give it your full attention or things keep going wrong. Karma makes you diverge from the path you desire for yourself and that is most authentic to you. It feels chaotic and stressful, heavy and tiring, and leaves you longing for real love like you wouldn’t fucking believe. But it makes you remember.

Of course this forcing you to not feel the present is an abuse tactic that narcopaths use (flashbacks and phobias) to give themselves the upper hand as you are in the midst of spiritual battle with them. They will be better at the present because they did a sneak attack on you which causes flashbacks. Because they are better at the present, they beat you in the 3D world.

The circumstances vary but the karmic story line always goes like this: someone controlled, someone obeyed, someone helped to control, someone tried to wake everyone up, those who didn’t go along with the control were punished.

Walking into your karma also feels like you stop being your real self in the presence of certain people because your soul does not trust them. Your entire energy field seizes up around them. You are hiding your soul.