The false salute

Three or four nights ago, there was a shooting maybe 50 feet from my house. The tension in the neighborhood has been palpably high since the start of the coronavirus threatening the US. I went to bed late that night and couldn’t fall asleep. Then I heard round after round after round coupled with some peeling tires and a few “fuck you’s” thrown in for good measure. I thought it was 20 shots. My security app told me it was 40. 40 shots 50 feet away.

The sirens never stop at night. I look sometimes to see if it is an ambulance or a line of police cars. Or both.

The shooting was just the first incident of the night. There are several every night.

I’ve taken to sewing, coming up with pranks with my daughter, coming up with dares with my daughter, brushing our dog every day, helping my daughter with her school work, teaching my daughter about real life, learning from my daughter about what is right, writing, watching the news, watching funny things, getting outside when it’s not raining, listening to music, making videos, having the time to really cook again (washing tons of dishes), cleaning, and trying to stop worrying about time.

I deleted my real Facebook account about a year and a half ago. I have one now but it’s to maintain a Facebook group. I have 12 friends on that profile and haven’t logged in since President Trump announced we were under a state of emergency.

I do wonder what I have missed on social media. How many people have changed their opinions on this whole thing, how many people are following the predictive programming, how many people are posting, ahem, a lot because they are isolated in real life? And does it make them feel better to tell you all about the things they’re doing? Does it make you feel better? Or does it make you feel like they’re having the time of their life and you’re not — what could be wrong with you?

The human spirit is resilient. The human spirit is creative and innovative. The human spirit is generous. But the human spirit is also complex. The countless mind games we play, the facades we construct to create the reality we desire to see. The human spirit is to be celebrated but it can also be used against us.

The tributes are now pouring in. Not just for lives lost, but for those braving the front lines — and their families. It’s not that these people shouldn’t be praised for what they are doing. They should. It’s that we are often made to suffer through miserable times simply because we are told it is bringing about something good and you wouldn’t want to speak against that, would you?

Forcing a people to be united against a common enemy allows you to then elevate the idea of thanking certain ones of us for doing the fighting on our behalf. Except, they weren’t given a choice and either were we.

Coming genuinely from the people, thanks is wonderful and needed. Coming from a propaganda machine, it is a form of coercion.

Think of it like this: elevating people who perform services on behalf of the government serves a few purposes:

1). It gives people someone to idolize and work to be like, in the image of the Earthly “gods”, which means they forgo their soul and subconscious experiences here. Just because someone does an honorable job does not mean it erases all of their abuses. It isn’t a one-size-fits all. Anyone can be an abuser and anyone can be a narcissist.

2). It makes it so that by not honoring the idols, laypeople will appear callous or selfish, as if they are not grateful to these “demi Gods,” which will shame people into submission.

3). Ultimately it makes a person choose between themselves and others which goes against one’s biological desire for survival. Do you want to survive and be part of the group or do you want to have to fend for yourself and see the dog eat dog world for what it really is?

4). It forces people to live in a fucked up reality because “Look how strong and compassionate we are as a people! Keep persevering through the hell without knowing it and with no choice. It’s making you a better person! Who wouldn’t want to be a better person? Watch the patriotic video.”

5). Blind patriotism is like any other belief system, including a religious belief. It forces you to pledge allegiance to an entity, regardless of how that entity behaves or harms others. It is a form of memory erasure because it forces you to adapt a role and support the state no matter what. Loss of personal identity and decision-making skills.

The reality outside the walls of my home tells me we are now in a new reality. One of survival and chaos. The news tells me it will all be okay one day soon. Many quarantined are convincing people they are having a wonderful time.

The powers that be haven’t taken a moment to consider the impact on the global food and water supply, or availability of energy resources. Police officers are outnumbered and it’s only a matter of time until they cannot keep up with the demand.

Yet the state keeps telling us to salute the flag.