Who is the real ‘invisible enemy?”

The reprogramming we’re witnessing is part of the fight for your soul. I don’t know how to say that in a less commanding way. It is the spiritual war: which reality do you choose?

If you’ve already worked on shedding your ego, you will be able to see the choice much more clearly as it happens in real time.

The reprogramming works like this: first, some “rational”, tangible need prefaces the reprogramming. People are placed into an either/or reality. (Which do you choose?)

Next, the reprogramming is rationalized. Everyone wants to be seen as rational, right? What could be worse than being perceived as dangerous or crazy?

Finally, the reprogramming becomes standard operating procedure. It is accepted as needed. A new system ensues. The old is subconsciously suppressed.

Which reality do you believe: the one you are coerced or forced into believing and participating in, or the organic one that is wild and authentic and cannot be suppressed?

Do you trust the awakening you have undergone in the last few years; in the last decade especially? Do you trust the spiritual work you have done? Do you trust that you genuinely tried to heal yourself — and to a great extent, did?

Do you forget abuses because an old tactic is used in a new way? Do you succumb to the groupthink once more? Or do you finally trust yourself and your higher power? Do you trust that there is no way this reality is all there is? Do you see we are in needless pain?

It’s as if eventually the karmic timeline will catch up to the present (real, divine time) and a separation will occur. Who is living on the present timeline, and who is still choosing to live in the past? Will we know each other in the future?

At times, “hell is other people.” But hell is especially other people if they are karmic partners whom you chose over the truth.

Earth is engaged in a spiritual battle. This isn’t just a physical battle. It is a 5D assault on the karmic system. There will only be a little lull before the final battle. Who is the real invisible enemy and are they engaged in a rescue mission?