Love skips a generation

Karma almost always eventually looks a new parent in the eye. It is the way a child looks at its parent, examines him or her up and down, and decides how their parent is missing something. A kind word, a soft touch, an ability to listen and understand them; the ability to get along with their partner, the ability to give them time and attention or encouragement. Most parents look into the eyes of their children and not only see someone they are working hard to figure out, but they are seeing their own pain and wounding reflected back to them.

And that’s why sometimes, as we often see, love skips a generation.

By most accounts, the parent knows they love their child. The feel this emotionally and they feel this intellectually. They probably also feel it on a physical level — the immediate rush of endorphins or adrenaline to get them agile or intimating enough to protect their child in times of life or death danger.

Because some parents do not want to see how they are wounded, they take the information they see in the child’s eyes and use it against the child. The child becomes the target of the parents’ pain and ends up abused into silence or submission to keep the karma from ever being exposed.

But sometimes too, the energy of love is not projected from the heart of the parent to the heart of the child because the parent does not know what love feels like. They never truly received it in its authentic state and quantity in the first place. We try to piecemeal the energy of love together and confuse it with expectation, admiration, false hope, popularity, control, lies and possibility.

The child projects love to the heart chakra of the parent but feels little to none in return. The child eventually learns to protect this chakra center at all costs, rather than share it.

Many parents feel overwhelmed by life and feel the responsibility of children on top of that is exhausting and terrifying at times. They do not believe they know how to balance it all and make sure everyone comes out healthy on the other end. Sometimes the children are targeted to bear the frustration of this burden. Sometimes the children internalize that they are bad and disappointing.

What the parent doesn’t realize is that the heart chakra energy from their child is what will spiritually energize them, which then energizes the physical body. Children are fewer steps removed from the energy of the divine. The heart is your electrical control center, after all. Without it’s energy, nothing else can function. The child naturally wants to give it to the parent, but the parent must be healthy enough to accept it and treasure it. The child eventually learns the heart chakra is their most abused energy center and they learn ways to offensively protect themselves always.

Love skips a generation when that child goes on to have a child themselves and suddenly the parents become grandparents. They experience the love of a child in a new way, a way in which, for the mot part, they are secondary caregivers and don’t bear the burden of supporting the child day in and day out. They are able to love the child without attaching the burden of money and survival to it, as they did with their own child.

Love skips a generation. But being able to once again reflect and project the authentic energy of love is possible. Sometimes the heart space behind the 4th chakra feels like concrete on a person who has never had real love. You go deep into your subconscious mind to gradually break it up. Eventually it fractures into boulders or pebbles and you start sorting through it with tweezers and a magnifying glass.

From time to time, while you are diving into the deep waters of the subconscious mind, you will feel an old familiar physical pain. A sudden spark, a shooting pain. A dull ache that came from nowhere. It will feel like your childhood. “Ah yes, old friend. I remember you. I remember when I felt you and how often and why. I can release that now.” The closer you get to the root problem of the heart chakra blockage, the more like childhood or home it will feel.

The way to stop allowing love to skip a generation is to look into your child’s eyes, see all of your flaws, thank them, then work hard to figure out why you do what you do and how to fix it. Then apologize to them.

“Children obey your parents for this is right” is nothing more than an abuse tactic because it teaches children they know nothing and must look to their wounded dysfunctional parents in order to go to heaven. Children are almost always more spiritually advanced than their parents. This is also why we have had such an influx of spiritually gifted children coming to assist us, including the recent lucky dragon, crystal, and rainbow babies. Humanity is reaching its apex of spiritual enlightenment — which is also why it is being torn apart to prevent further ascension.

Grandparents gazing into their grandchildren’s eyes is one remedy for this. Real love emanates from them and spreads to everyone they encounter. Love is contagious which is why too much love turns everyone’s stomach and elicits the “Gross. I don’t want o see that” reaction. You know what’s about to happen when that happens.