What Christ said about the Simulation Hypothesis

In Matthew 13, Christ talks about separating the “wheat from tares.” A cursory glance at this verse conjures up an image of weeds in someone’s crop. Weeds, so what? Big deal. They’re an inconvenience and an eyesore but what does this verse have to do with the simulation hypothesis.

Tares are not only weeds, they’re identical to wheat until near the harvest phase, and get this — they’re toxic in many cases. At least the biblical reference was to a toxic form of this weed species. That means the crops not only looks uniform and alike until harvest, but they are also destructive and poisonous.

If we dig deeper, we see a few metaphysical hints. Christ considered himself a shepherd of people. He said this many ways, but the main message was that he was collecting a group of people together. So if Christ is speaking about people when he speaks about the wheat and tares, that means there exist in this reality some people who look like real people but are in fact counterfeits in some way. They may be indistinguishable from the real thing until right before they are harvested.

He also asserts that these people are toxic, poisonous, or dangerous. If narcopaths are the great pretenders and we know them to be toxic, who else would Christ be referring to? And if this is the case, is he asserting that narcs, sociopaths, and psychopaths who lack empathy though they feign it are somehow not real? Does he mean that literally or metaphorically?

It’s not a huge leap that perhaps Christ was referring to what’s called the Simulation Hypothesis.

The Simulation Hypothesis holds that the reality humans on Earth live could be simulated, much like a computer game or program, in which it seems so real it would be very difficult to recognize it as a facade.

Becoming intuitive isn’t about to recognizing your own karma and freeing yourself of that which keeps you small and sick, it is also about recognizing this reality for what it is. Whether you consider it a simulation or other reality you did not have a choice to be born into, once you access your intuition once more, you can at least perceive that something is off here, something is not right, and yes there certainly are some people controlling things behind the scenes.

And if this warning was literal rather than metaphorical, what are we about to see?