FAQs about intuitives

  1. Do intuitives see things before other people do? Yes and no. Both intuitives and non-intuitives are seeing the same things at the same time but one is suppressing it in their subconscious mind without realizing it which takes them longer to process real time (non-intuitives), while one processes what is transpiring and sends it to their conscious mind to process it. Therefore, one is delayed. So it’s not intuitives are necessarily seeing it before other people it’s that 1). you feel preexisting energies that are present and that other people do not feel which perhaps speaks to what will happen in the future, and 2). you are not viewing the present through the lens of personal subconscious wounding which you would then have to process the present through which takes a lot of time and many get derailed because they begin trying to avoid the pain of the subconsciousness.
  2. How do intuitives get so much information on people or situations? The information is usually there (on the person or situation) the whole time. It just takes someone trained in reading body language and energy to decode it. When a person works through their own pain, they become acutely aware of what things feel like. When they walk into a situation that they read, they are simply able to feel more frequencies because they are no longer subconsciously suppressing as much. Additionally, most intuitives are guided by their higher power, which means they may learn or be given additional information as they seek it.
  3. Are all intuitives benevolent? No. Many are malignant. Just as you are tapped into the energy of your source, so are they. You get information others wouldn’t. So do they. The more you heal, the more you see. The more they hurt, the more they see.
  4. What is the purpose of becoming intuitive? To see clearly and to access your true divine nature once more. Then to teach others how to do this as well. To understand the nature of the constructed reality we have been born into with no choice.
  5. Are there downsides to being an intuitive? Yes. Seeing straight through the soul of a person isn’t always conducive to relationships. Also you are often asked to do things that are not popular or easy, in an effort to learn your life lessons, resolve your karma, or teach others. It’s also easy to become very drained at all of the energies being emitted astrologically, inter-personally, environmentally and on. Plus, empathic intuitives are much more likely to be abused or become sickened by the pressure to output energy or process energy for others. Not to mention the toll hiding your abilities takes on you.
  6. What are the most important lessons for an intuitive to learn? 1). Well-meaning people are often wrong and you should rely on your higher power as your most reliable source of information. 2). Stand up to evil. Always. 3). You were told you were a piece of shit because of how powerful you are. 4). Nothing is as it seems.
  7. Do all intuitives possess the ability to channel, receive intuitive images, or communicate with those on the other side? No because everyone’s gifts vary. There is not one standard definition of an intuitive other than you see beyond the lies — or desperately work to. If the “sixth sense” is simply spiritual data transposed onto physical reality, then hypothetically you would use any of your senses, including your gut instincts, to perceive beyond the veil. That’s why you shouldn’t look for someone who says they know everything but someone who knows what they do not know. We are all skilled in different ways but they all work together.
  8. What distinguishes a crazy person from a legitimate intuitive? A spiritually-led intuitive knows there are two sides: the reality they were born into and the reality they believe exists beyond this plane. They are able to process and reconcile information from both worlds, though sometimes it is a struggle to accept the supernatural when you are born into a 3-dimensional world. An intuitive can operate in both worlds. It doesn’t mean they like to, but it means they are able to contemplate metaphysical data while still tending to the demands of the 3D world. Someone who is out of their mind and unable to process the 3D world may in fact be a person whose trauma has overwhelmed them. It is not a coincidence that a person who cannot participate in the 3D reality is confused with someone who is in the midst of actively working through their trauma and eventually comes out the other side healed. Remember that nearly all world religions operate under the belief that there are otherworldly beings who assist humanity.
  9. Can people who are not spiritual be intuitives? Yes and many are. These people are generally turned off by how religion treats others or indoctrinates people. They choose their freedom, often, by believing in nothing or in nature or humanity. They still receive messages and downloads the same. They won’t be penalized for not believing religion, but they do have to be open to the possibility of more. As long as their intellect or humanism does not cloud their ability to perceive a realm of the soul, they are not limiting their intuitive abilities.
  10. Should intuitives be involved in a group spiritual practice? No. Your energy will be compromised in any groupthink situation. If you enter these situations and can not be influenced, and still hear the messages of the divine while being pressured into a method of thinking or being, then you will be fine. If you are still very energetically sensitive and yield to others easily, you should practice by yourself. Remember, everyone is trying to tell you what god is. But you must find god for yourself.
  11. Is it beneficial for intuitives to help each other along in the process of awakening the third eye? Absolutely. But only if they are members of your true soul tribe, and they genuinely are trying to resolve the karma/learn their life lessons. If so, you will be able to help each other shed the ego faster than if you did not have each other. Even if you are friends with a member of a different soul tribe who is caring and loving and genuine, they will still lead you to a different vibration than that of your true naked soul. That is fine as long as you keep in mind they are benevolent but posses a different inherent vibration.
  12. Should you listen to your intuition immediately? Hell yes. Not only is it attempting to guide or protect you, but if you do not listen, the cry becomes deafening or something goes terribly wrong (a “tower moment”) so you absolutely have to address it. Do it before it becomes a catastrophe. Please learn the lesson from Jonah.
  13. Could I be rejected for being an intuitive? Yes and you probably will be. Almost everyone you know will go into self-protective mode (that is, if they think you are real) which means they won’t want anything to do with those abilities of yours. Is it any wonder Christ met with his disciples in clandestine sessions? But that is the karma you must address in order to ascend. AKA: remember and admit who you are, thereby admitting your soul predates this place thereby admitting this place isn’t home.
  14. Will narcissists hurt or engage me more if I publicly admit I am an intuitive? Yes. It’s as if they go, “Oh fuck. That’s why I never liked that person. That’s why I was their ‘frenemy.’ Now I can enact revenge for this feeling I have.”
  15. Can intuitives be wrong? Of course. First, intuitives are receiving lots of information at once. Decoding all of it not only takes time and lots of consideration but it also requires someone have no ego in order to be able to see the entire message. So unless your intuitive is completely enlightened, they will miss some part. It means they are human and learning. Additionally, in the very beginning mostly, an intuitive has not yet associated cause and effect with the energies it conjures up. So they ignore the intuition in the early phases and mix something up by ignoring the projected effect or the red flags. And finally, energies constantly change. I mean, second to second. The intuitive could be right for the time frame they are given but they haven’t yet been given information for outside that time frame. So whatever is beyond the time frame shown will feel like information they did not know about. But an intuitive should be able to admit where their perception is limited so people are prepared. They can explain the image or feeling they received and how they interpreted it, versus defending their information with anger or self-elevation or coercion or distraction (as spiritual narcs often do).
  16. What does automatic writing feel like? It feels like you are feeling a message into your third eye or heart chakra. It is a telepathic form of communication and because it often lacks specific words, the writer has to translate the energetic feeling into a word or sentence. There is always free will involved as you translate to the best of your ability. You will receive a sudden spark of hope or joy as the truth is downloaded into your energetic body. It should not be mindless dictation. The writer should always still have the ability to escape the subconscious space and judge the message with their conscious mind. If a person is in a trance that was not induced by their own meditative state, or one they cannot independently escape, they should consider this source unfit. The message should also provide “citations” in the form of proof that is shown. Bottom line: you should always be encouraged to learn the information first and then decide for yourself if it is an inalienable truth.