On the upswing of the abuse cycle

Abuse victims eventually come to learn about the cycles of abuse. Those common patterns most all abusers follow, in order to control their victim in a never-ending loop of pain. There is a punishment cycle and there is a reward cycle.

The punishment cycle is a cycle in which certain rights are taken away, you are placed under the surveillance of your perp, you are told you are dangerous, you are told others are dangerous, and you are told if you try to fight back again you will be punished even worse than before. The threats are usually enough to scare a victim into submission. They may not have unleashed their worst punishment on you but you already know what they are capable of before getting to that point. You acquiesce and apologize.

The next stage is one that I might hate more than the abuse itself. It is the phase of reprogramming and amnesia and shame. It comes every time, right after you are convinced you are wrong so you apologize and change your behavior. You feel guilty and ashamed for fighting back, for questioning, for not trusting. You become a lesser version of yourself so that your perpetrator has no idea how strong you are; so they aren’t prepared for the next battle. Sometimes victims come to believe this is who they are.

You play nice. You accept. You are reminded, “See, I told you it would get better. You just needed an adjustment. If you choose not to trust me next time, you will feel foolish, won’t you?”

This is the upswing of the abuse cycle.

The abuser pulls you into dark vibrations then lifts you out once you “repent” to them.

Your brain goes blank. You feel tired. Your body tell you to rest. Your brain begins blocking the story. What happened to you? Who did what? Why did they do this to you? The story becomes hazy. So foggy. Can I even trust my own judgment at this point? My abuser seems to remember everything. They told me my memory was bad.

That jolt they gave you before suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. Your reaction to it was wrong. They are a good person.

The upswing happens right before you go back to the punishment cycle. The difference is that, the second time around, everyone is more positive than before. Sometimes, when things appear to be getting better, it is only because we don’t want to think about the long term cycle on repeat.

The current global energy is strange. It feels very amnesic. I don’t mean literal amnesia, I mean spiritual amnesia. What just happened to humanity, who is relying on false hope, are we being fed lies, and realistically, what will happen in the long term? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves so we do not fall into greater spiritual amnesia. Do not forget the progress you have made thus far. Do not forget about what you learned along the way. Do not forget who you really are and what you have seen in the world.

The divine have made a temporary retreat and their energy is nowhere to be found. Without their energy and guidance, people are being thrown into the 3D world while feeling abandoned by the 5D. It is as if they’re trying to reassure themselves but the denial of the long term problems is something that hasn’t been considered. Therefore, there is still false hope. Temporary economic gains will certainly lead to long term losses.

The intention of the narcopaths is hard to determine these last few days as well. It’s as if their intention has gone underground. The trail of prints stopped suddenly. What we can be sure of is that narcs are constantly shifting the narrative and so they can coerce others into incessant shifts in direction as their true intention gets found out more and more.

Because there is so much information circulating on a daily basis, it will become easier and easier to overwhelm or confuse people. Just know, this is a long term control plan, a shift in the control system which limits a person’s rights, and the up and down swings will continue because that is how narcs operate.