The empaths who lack energy integration

Narcissistic abuse is essential to create the type of humans the greater system desires. Child abuse is also essential to the narcissistic agenda. Sometimes abuse is obvious. Most times, it is not or is it considered too subtle to be considered abuse despite an ill intention and resultant damage. Abuse creates wounds and wounds can be used as a tool of manipulation.

The ultimate goal is to get the child to stop feeling its own subconsciousness. This is done by both suppressing subconscious feelings through denial or punishment, and then forcing experiences and instincts into the subconscious mind for fear of retribution. It is also done by reinforcing the need to be ever-present in the conscious mind.

The more severely a person has been abused, the more difficult time they have integrating energy. This is where a person experiences their own sensory input as a cacophony that harms them, rather than helping them. It’s as if the energy they experience becomes a separate and parallel experience to what is actually happening in the present moment. They feel so overwhelmed by the energy that is drowning out the moment that they begin to shut down, get triggered into adaptive behavior, turn to a vice, have a flashback, etc. It is as if the weight of unprocessed energy hangs over them and builds up causing confusion, delayed or enhanced reactions, disorientation, inability to learn or process information, and more.

In other words, many empathic people were taught to purposefully not integrate and process energy, leaving them carrying literally every energy they have ever experienced. The child was punished when it integrated and processed energy (aka experienced emotions or questioned). “Emotions bad; commence acting. Pretend that never happened” goes the programming.

Most of all, this prevents the victim from living as an integrated being able to process whatever energy comes their way. They live as though they must carry the burden of the past energy forever. Hopefully, they one day realize they can lay down the burden by processing energy and 3D reality at the same time. They can release that which does not belong to them.