Someone else can do it

Major world religions teach us this. The democratic process teaches us this. Money also teaches us this. It goes that if you don’t want to do it yourself, there is always someone out there willing to do it for you. They reap some sort of benefit, sometimes benign and sometimes not. This is especially true when it comes to fighting for your freedom.

Why would anyone invest time, energy, sweat, blood, and tears into the heroes’ journey when one can allow someone else to do the hard work for them? Sacrifice and loss are required of a true hero, after all, and who wants to deal with that? Don’t want to invest the effort? Just hire or “believe in” a representative.

This attitude is subconsciously used to control the populations. Yes, there will always be a few rogue people to protest, to assert themselves, for fight for what they want, but a larger population chooses to watch from the sidelines. As such, there are not enough soldiers to win the battle.

“Why would I be the one to do it?” you may ask yourself. Why not you? All it takes is a willing spirit to create change.

Winning the battle requires each person to walk the heroes journey for themselves. When they do this, they will learn that they are the leaders they have been seeking. They will become an otherworldly version of themselves. They realize they do not have to take one more lie straight to the weak spot in the heart.

Go to that weak spot in the middle of your heart and feel how heavy it is. Does it get heavier by the day? Do you feel where it attaches to? Your vocal chords, your shoulder, your mid-back, your stomach? It tells you your first or most common kind of heart wound. Every time you hear a lie, feel to see if your heart pain increases. You know what happens when someone breaks your heart (aka breaks your trust) — your heart hurts. But when happens when you are told a lie? Maybe it’s not just your stomach that feels it. Maybe it’s your heart too.