How to heal your heart when you are the only one who admits to the pain

Love is two souls meeting at a middle meeting point vibration that is good for both people. It is possible to do but it is hard work in this dimension because you must overcome yourself and the pain that was inflicted on you unfairly in order to maintain divine love. It is natural to your soul but it is foreign to your conscious mind. A burned book (aka frequency), if you will.

Conversely, heartbreak is when one person waits in the middle and no one shows on the other end. At least not in the way they could have, should have, promised, or were expected to. Heartbreak is you stepping out in faith or trust and the other party unable to release their personal motivations and see how to value you and protect you because you value and protect them, and back and forth. Because of this, heartbreak happens in circumstances not always related to romance (though it happens there too we all know).

The heartbreak chips away at the expectant and naive child inside (aka soul who doesn’t consciously remember pain). It reinforces negative memories where you learn that being hopeful and trusting only gets you hurt in the end. People remind you that you shouldn’t have been so silly as to trust. So you become less hopeful and trusting (aka: loving). The soul learns any association with love is a bad thing and it will protect itself from this love thing.

Often, this soul is left with a burden to carry on its own. And this is what breaks a person. We are in the midst of a heart chakra pandemic. Lung problems are but the most superficial indication of grief that has not been processed. Heart break will hurt a physical heart in other terrible ways as well. You can guess what those are. It feels like someone is sitting on your chest. It feels like every breath in hurts. It feels like your heart center electrical system might malfunction for good. It feels like fear of the other side or the process of getting there.

You will know you have carried pain from a situation that should have or could have been remedied by two or more people coming together to resolve something. If you as the empathic person were the only one to try to resolve things, which landed you in trouble (tale as old as time), you carry the burden of this heartbreak all by yourself. The other party will not let any of the pain in, to take some of the burden off of you. It breaks your heart that you are not “good” enough for them to carry some of this load. Your chest will be in pain. You will feel a bowling ball in your heart center or your middle back. You will wonder how you can move this all alone.

Now imagine you are one of the empathic people who has been thrown into karmic situation after karmic situation these last 1-10 years. Imagine you met nothing but karmic partners who would not stop harming you. Would you still be able to forgive if the list of people you must forgive was lengthy? It is a major challenge to do it alone.

It is why Christ reminded those he healed that it was by their faith that they were miraculously healed. He could not heal someone without their help: his energy meeting theirs because they trusted enough to vibrationally match his energy and create a more powerful and high vibration. That kind of energy meeting is transformational. Healing is a process of mutual effort and mutual benefit. Right now, especially if you are energetically sensitive, your heart may be in real pain. As with any health complaint, if you get this problem looked over by your doctor but it cannot be explained, you must dive into the subconscious energy associated with the feeling of pain.

Releasing all of this pain either requires everyone involved to admit the pain to each other and apologize and change by allowing their empathy to guide them, or it requires one person to completely overcome themselves. The latter feels unfair because it is such a challenge. You would have to make peace with everything that was done to you, never hold a grudge against someone ever again, forgive, and yet still remain open to love energetically. I have certainly not mastered this yet. It does feel impossible. But when all other avenues to heal something give you detours and country roads to nowhere, you must own up to the responsibility that no one else will ever help you and you must do it yourself, once again.