The parable of the man with the most karma in the world

Though there had been many men like him before, in one generation came a man who had more karma than anyone else before. The man was a beast who possessed no empathy for anyone. This led him to lie, cheat, and steal his way to the top. He even hurt his own family because he did not actually care about them. He took and never gave in return. He cared for no one but himself.

He never did a righteous thing in his life. He never felt love, happiness, joy, or understanding. He thought people who felt these things were fools and he enjoyed proving it to them.

Those who wanted a piece of his clout laughed off his sins. They thought it was funny, endearing, and “just who he was.” Others let him get away with the lies because he said he had a lot of money and power to hurt them.

One day this man was elevated to a very high position. He was in charge of many many people. His win was a false win that he earned through loopholes and putting others at a disadvantage so he could get ahead.

This man was not a real leader. With each decision he made, the people grew weaker and weaker, more and more terrified of the beast’s inability to tell the truth. But he was so convincing, it seemed as if he never did not know what to say to reassure them they would be fine under his direction.

They thought to themselves, “We were told to trust him because he has a lot of money, but he does not know how to lead.” Some began to question the ladder of success that they had put their faith in. “He snuck his way to the top, while I worked hard and legally within the system. This is unfair.” They began to realize he had never confronted a hardship because he always made someone else do it for him. He had never learned one lesson. He had such a great amount of karma it was unreal.

People began watching this man’s karma play out right before their eyes. It seemed like no one could, with certainty, say where this man was going because his direction navigating his karma changed so frequently. He went into battle with as many people as he could because that is all he had ever done. A war of deflection was all he knew.

Every unpaid debt suddenly began manifesting. The people could see his eyes wander into memories of the past he was trying to avoid when he spoke. Often he could not even complete a full thought because his mind was so preoccupied with maintaining the lie.

The subconscious memories, the past life remnants, the hidden energy that the soul remembers… it all started coming up at once because it could no longer be deferred or hidden. It was time for everyone to pay up, including him. And his debts were very great because he had never paid fairly.

The people felt it was all too surreal. “What are we watching happen?” they wondered. They questioned themselves and their sanity. They came up with new ways to survive.

They were watching the man with the most karma in the world try to defer his payment once more.