Beautiful everywhere but Earth

I tell you the stories about the empathic people I know because if you know someone else has had a certain reaction to their life experiences as you — or had similar experiences to you in the first place — you stop doubting yourself so much. Because true intuitive empaths are so hard to come by, most live their lives doubting their every feeling, every decision. You have no one to reflect your own vibration back to you so you remember which direction to take.

Therefore, the more specific I can be, the more likely you are to have an aha moment where you realize you too have felt that one particular way and how subconsciously repressed that feeling altogether. From there, if you are curious and persistent enough, you can begin the journey of asking why and not resting until you find the origin then heal it.

I’ve tried to say this in gentle ways before, but to put it simply, empaths usually hate themselves and think they’re pieces of trash. Well, they vacillate between this and feeling special for feeling like they are privy to some secret, if only they knew what it was. They know they have the ability to fairly assess, problem is they only believe this subconsciously and don’t put it to active use.

They are told they are always wrong. They are told them are silly, too sensitive, too aggressive — when and if they do decide to fight back, mentally insane and crazy, too young, too effeminate, too artsy, and on and on. They comet to believe they are the ugliest, most disgsting creatures anyone has ever seen. So they hide!

Imagine the truth (and therefore, lies) oozing off of a person. It drips off of them like sweat. One look into their eyes and you can’t ever go back to your denial. Now imagine that person walking into a room full of people with wounding and karma. The people look into a mirror of truth, someone who cannot turn it off (lest they make themselves very sick), and they punish you for what they are seeing. Would those people enjoy the presence of the truth or would they hate it? Why do they really consider you ugly?

Could it be that you are beautiful everywhere but Earth? And what does that tell us about Earth?