Welcome to the 4th dimension

Welcome to a 4th-dimensional reality. Things are happening quickly, as if time has sped up and we are inundated with new amendments to this reality. Karma is still slightly delayed (that will soon change) but in general, cause and effect are much less separated than they were in the 3rd. For example, new information will be released, often followed by whistle blower complaints because good is finally functioning against evil, or evil is collapsing in on itself. So therefore, there will be a much stronger presence of ethics and concerns for morality and fairness and that which is entropic will very shortly after reveal itself to be so. Lies will be so evident they will be laughable.

Things to expect: the governments of the world admit there are other beings they have been in contact with before, that they are here to capture and enslave humanity, and that the Earth’s governments are currently waging war against them. That, perhaps, you must not only accept a world war — and beyond — but that you must run for the hills and hide yourselves from these foreign beings. This reads like science fiction but the recent drops of information released by the Pentagon and media outlets show us where we are being led: as it was put, to establish a presence on Mars and certain quadrant of the moon. Celebrities are “filming movies in space” and displays of patriotism busy skylines across the world. There will soon be a jaw-dropping admission that we are not alone.

The entire world is about to undergo the biggest ego shedding the planet has ever seen. We’re already going through it but as new lascivious, mind-blowing accusations and truths rise, the more humans will be straight up shocked and sent into despair and panic over what they did not know about the construct we have been living. And that includes both within their personal relationships and governmental systems.

People will not know who to trust, suddenly as if everyone around them is questionable. The people have been sent into panic. They will realize they have to provide for and protect themselves the “old fashioned” way. In more ways than one. Many will not have these skills.

Every vice and distraction will be taken away with nothing to keep people self-medicated, placated or in denial. The reality they perceive will be horrifying. People in groups will soon realize that the inside world is as much of a threat as those they do not know. The karma still has not gone away. It follows them everywhere they go. They will not know where to turn. There is no help; everyone is helping themselves.

Those who are ascending will finally be releasing the last heavy layers of karmic energy that has until now remained trapped within their energetic fields. You are so close to healed.