How often karma & energy vampires attack while you are ascending

I spelled this out in an illustration so that you will not be concerned about the high degree of difficulty or misfortune you have experienced once you work to shed your ego and karma and step into your higher self and dharma. It’s easier to visualize what is “normal” about this process some you have to go at it alone and rarely have someone to contrast your experience with (which is what you desperately crave while you’re going through it).

The spiritual warfare is non-stop likely for several years. Of course it depends how much karma you personally have, which varies soul to soul. Every few months or weeks, something major will go wrong or need addressing. You will feel it is impossible to overcome and you will feel it will kill you from stress and impossibility. Or, something small will need your attention and although it seems insignificant, without addressing it you cannot address some much larger issue that will come. So despite the utter hell, you keep pressing on.

Also consider these dots to be people. There will be a large number of people you must overcome. At first you will be shocked how many people do not treat you well; who abuse and put you at an intentional disadvantage. You would have never guessed such a thing. Because of this, you will worry about losing nearly everyone. You will.

Once you lose everything that does not serve you, you will go into a resting or “hang man” phase where you try to make sense of everything that has been stripped away and why it was. You resolved the issues in the physical world but now you need to heal your mind, body and spirit. This will lead you closer to the truth and the correct perception.

At the very end, there will be a small resurgence of karmic situations to address but because your soul is so much stronger and resilient and healed, you are more likely to quickly figure out how to handle it and make sure it does not infect your aura than you were able to at the start. You also understand this reality is fleeting and “failing” here is not the end of the world.

At the task end of the ascension process, you will also be much more confident in your perception which means you won’t doubt yourself as much and you’ll simply do what needs to be done. Less indecision or resistance, less additional karma accrued.