How to recognize the aura of spiritual royalty

Think of humanity as several different factions of beings who have been fueding with each other for a very long time. Certain members of these “clans” are narcissistic and some are empathic. Some are malevolent and some are benevolent. Some are neutral but may eventually choose a side.

Physically, we look different but generally also the same. There is no way to distinguish one kind of spiritual being from another by appearance alone. You must feel for their energy and watch their behavior, which tells you their intention. Are they on the side of universal truth or are they on the side of ego?

Each clan has their own hierarchies of clout or power that their peers are instinctively aware of and honor or obey. Within these hierarchies are those who might be considered royals of sorts. They are beings who are so dedicated to their soul cause that they will fight to a bitter end to accomplish what they, in their soul, believe to be true. And they are all very good at what they do.

These beings may be young in age or very old. They may be male or female. They may be rich or poor. They may be considered intellectual, or just plain street smart. Either way, it does not matter. Because these beings are so adept at their life’s mission work, they are treated like royalty by their peers.

These royals are the beings whose aura always reveals who they are because they subconsciously carry so much influence. Even if they themselves are not considered powerful because of external accomplishments, they still garner so much respect and support because others believe them to be a leader of some sort. This is true for nearly all human social groups. It is rare to walk into a karmic scenario/social population and not find out who the royals are rather quickly. Groups without royals feel flat or directionless, without intention and no one personality stands out above the rest.

When it comes to benevolent royals, they have a grace and wisdom about them, as if they are ancient and have been in charge of kingdoms many times before. And personality doesn’t matter here. I have seen extremely shy empaths exert so much respect from other people that others practically bowed down in his/her presence. The empath didn’t say much but damn it’s as if the seas part when they walk into a space. Not only do all eyes follow them, or pretend not to, but people sometimes stiffen up as if to correct their poor decisions in the presence of such a person. Others see the purity of this person’s soul and would feel guilty offending them or not living up to the royal’s high standards.

That is until the monkey brains (ego-driven narcs) become jealous of this royal energy and start swatting at the crown, as monkeys do. When a royal is stripped of its title by a lower entity, total exposure, vulnerability, and shame ensue — and narcs know this damn well. This what nearly every fairytale has taught us: there is a beautiful empathic person whose radiance emanates and everyone either wants them, or want to enslave them. An evil entity comes along and is jealous of this innate power the empath possess. The evil entity sees how beautiful he/she is and wants it for herself so she steals it by taking something or putting the empath at a disadvantage (abuse).

Of course, the royal soul title cannot ever truly be revoked. It will simply be mocked and shamed in the physical world because these empaths are severely outnumbered and this scares them into silence. Want to be completely humiliated? Tell people who you really are. Remember how they shamed Christ with a crown of thorns?

Additionally, these empaths often have a purple or Indigo energetic aura surrounding them. Some people see auras and some feel them. Some do both. Either way, these people look or feel purple. Synesthesia at it’s finest. Grape, maroon, violet, and to a lesser degree, light blue — the hue doesn’t matter. They feel so strongly like the color.

On the other hand, narc royals also possess a “celebrity” status but it is not the quiet adoration that empaths receive. The narc’s friends and family enjoy them so much (minus any disputes narc to narc) that people flock to them and drop everything to be in their presence. They are truly the cool kids. Because they tell people what they want to hear, these narcs become popular rather quickly. They easily establish themselves as a vital figure within a clan and everyone looks to their knowledge or guidance, even if they posses no leadership skills.

Their aura is one of self-importance (as is, the empath, btw — but for different reasons). It is sometimes secretly angry or feels red, and it is secretly sly or sadistic which is a more quiet slow energy and yellow or black. Because of their self-confidence, they easily get what they want and people are happy — eager even — to give it to them.

Next time someone of importance enters your presence, you may be able to perceive if their soul is a royal who has been here many times before, done this work many times before, and is and always will be dedicated to their cause. They may not “look” of importance, but watch how people react to their presence. Hell, you may even be one.