How to protect your third eye in a sea of energy-vamping narcs

It’s the wild west of energy out there right now. Time feels surreal without a typical daily schedule to uphold, or perhaps, with nowhere to go and little to do. People’s karma is literally right behind them, pulling on their coattails, ready to force stop them from making another karmic move. It feels like almost anything is possible and like we could experience some very unbelievable events — or continue to — while the world sits in trauma. You need to protect yourself when you leave your house and go into the energy vortex that is Earth at present.

Your third eye, or sixth chakra, also known as your intuition, is necessary to protect in order to keep its energy in place, sacred, and powerful. If you know the truth, you deserve to protect that information as you have worked hard to acquire it. As you already know and as I speak of often, narcissists and sociopaths are also energy vampires most of the time, which means they drain your vital life force or qi/chi in order to fuel themselves. You are living an energy game, without realizing it, without being told, and while you are consistently not being told the rules you are also put at a major disadvantage. You must wake up to the game, then the rules, yourself.

When you are physically around these people, you need to pay attention to how your subconscious mind and mind-body connection naturally respond to them. You will almost 100% of the time, that is until you become aware of it and start working to change it, feel pain, feel energy leaving you that they stole from you, or feel some other heightened sense when you are around them. Usually this takes place in the energy centers because of course, an empathic chakra is a buffet to a narcopath who is too selfish or lazy to produce energy intrinsically.

Therefore, you need to consciously protect your vital energy when you go out into the world — especially now. The narcs are hungry. Like wild reptiles lazily waiting for their next meal to walk past them so they can quickly and without warning pounce, so too are narcs and energy vampires who are usually patient enough to wait for you to come to them. Protection and prophylaxis are essential so you’re not ambushed.

Kings and queens did not adorn themselves with crowns and head pieces, bracelets and necklaces, or long and heavy garments just for show or displays of loyalty. They also covered themselves with such energetic barriers to their chakras to prevent the people from usurping their power. Follow their lead and cover vulnerable chakra centers with a barrier. Head coverings, hats, bandannas, glasses and even makeup to a degree work to conceal the third chakra, which is very often tapped into and siphoned by narcs. Sometimes they interact with you and draw you into mini karmic situations to drain you on the spot gas station burglar style. Other times, they let it play out for years and years, you as a constant source and supply. So, you have to cover if you want to worry less and less about being siphoned dry.

As a soul, you are having an experience from within the physical body. So you imagine yourself centered in the middle of the structure looking out. You filter your experience through the sensory input you receive from the body. You largely remain subconsciously unaware of the internal processes taking place (why else would people have to “check” their blood pressure or blood sugar?), but if there are external sensory processes taking place, your subconscious mind may begin to notice them in a way that is undetected yet more conscious. Therefore, you view your energy being transmitted from your body in layers according to the sensory input you are aware of. Anything that is touching your skin will act as an energetic barrier to your energy leaking or being drained from you. It is as if you are able to feel a physical boundary that you fixate on as an ending point, which helps you retain rather than leak energy into time and space.

There are stories of royal women being raped of their jewels and gold or fine linens they draped on their bodies which caused them to lose their power. It landed them naked and in a prison of powerlessness, at the mercy of others once less powerful than they. See, true wealth is a subconscious indicator that is noticeable based on how a person’s energy field is responded to by total strangers.

One kind of being attempts to flaunt external wealth on their body so that they will be respected and their social or economic power will be retained. These people are not protecting their energetic field but their ego. Their followers admire the obvious displays of wealth because that is all they can see. They cannot see beyond the physical realm. They do not know there is another kind of wealth.

The other kind of being is one who adorns themselves in plain clothes or according to what is functional, yet they attract the subconscious attention of nearly everyone around them because everyone wants a piece of their energy. Sometimes empathic children will make comments about this. They have no idea how young, pure, and desirable their energy is to the narcs who encounter them in the world. “Why do people stare at us?” the empathic child will ask. You can tell them it is because they have a good heart. But you will know that if a child asks a question like that without any prior programming to reinforce it, it is really happening. In other words, it is obvious to any empathic soul that they are as rare as a prime rib at a buffet when they are in a sea of narcs. Many want to consume.