Channeled messages 5/30/2020

On procrastination: why empaths procrastinate or have add or get distracted: they are rushing or avoiding completing the 3D stuff so they can get back to the 5D /subconscious mind. This creates problems for them in the “real world” though, because putting things off can generate more karma and if they leave it to the last minute to resolve, it can feel impossible to do.

On normalizing un-human behavior: narcissists are robotic. They don’t reveal a deeper truth that is spontaneous or sporadic unless they are attempting to control things randomly or at the last moment. Otherwise they are so controlled and know right where to stop so that the truth is not revealed. They have made it cool and preferable for all people to behave in such a way. When someone does not behave in this way, they are considered a possible threat.

On finding yourself after a retreat: Why did native peoples often have a tradition of going into the woods or on some other journey alone or with few others to prove themselves spiritually? Because you come out with a reliance on yourself which naturally releases the ego and develops the true self. You have to shed any false identity to succeed. You have to be real with yourself. And you only have yourself to rely on. You also learn your boundaries and capabilities which you cannot do otherwise when you are in routine society. Your true age shows after these journeys. Afterwards you feel like you can breathe again. Before you felt you could not. Women are not usually encouraged to do these kinds of things. Why a society would not want a woman getting to know and become her inner strength is up to you to determine.

On how to know you are channeling: This is what messages from the divine feel like: perfectly fitting puzzle pieces rather than chunks that are separated by leaps and bounds that one forces to snap together. One is gentle and calm. One is choppy rough waters on the third Chakra.

On narcissists’ assumptions: Why is it said “Do not even show a semblance of impropriety?” Because narcs assume the first easiest conclusion which is always the worst case conclusion against you or against whomever their target is. You have to go out of your way to not even look guilty though you are inherently innocent. That is how insane this place is! Meanwhile they’re doing the opposite — appearing benevolent and “in the dark” about any mal intent. They’re purposefully reflecting back a black hole mirrored reverse image of “truth.” They never stop. Not for one second.

Are narcs aware of what theyre doing? Yes. Their consciousness comes out when yours does while you are assessing them for lies. Ie: your consciousness comes out and that is THE ONE THING they cannot reverse mirror. They energetically acknowledge it because they are scared of it, even if they then start acting like they know nothing about you being a conscious being. It is always revealed as perfect truth even from a narc. It usually comes right before they punish you. They are assessing if they should punish you and your conscience/consciousness leaves your body to assess and dissasociate and you see the reflection. Take this to know you (your soul) is real. To determine this, go back to the abuse/trauma/wound/karma and play back in your third eye/minds eye slide by slide. How did each individual moment feel? The feel gives you all the truthful data you need. You cannot prove this and that is what they use against you. But you feel it to be true and therefore you know it is. For a split second, they saw your soul. They had to make a decision to hurt it or not and they choose to hurt it. You may forget the actual moment by moment of events but you remember the energy feeling. That’s all you need.

They punish you physically so intensely so that in these moments you will be jolted back until your body and trauma bonded to the body. (Again, the soul usually floats above the body in these moments of trauma which is one reason why it feels so surreal after). As soon as your subconscious mind goes blank and you get meditative, bam! There’s a subconscious flash back or trauma trigger for you to feel pain consciously because of how you are trauma bonded to the body as a form of punishment.

On “taming your demons“: What is “taming” your demons but conquering it within so it is not transferred to another whether on purpose or accidentally? Think of the story of the demons and the pigs. A demonic soul doesn’t go “nowhere.” It remains in this realm. People create demons by what they do to others. A traumatized person lives with the ghost of the trauma hanging over them or inside of them. They either don’t know to get rid of it, don’t want to, or will do anything to get rid of it.

When you abuse someone else, your demon goes into them. You think you have gotten rid of it within you but you have only freed yourself of the memory of one trauma to be replaced with sadism, an energy with the mixture of enjoyment and pain. This creates such a deep sense of shame that you begin to want to abuse others to get high on the power and escape your own shame.

This is how you create soldiers. This is one reason parents ignore or demean their children. They are trying to bully the child into giving them (the adult) affirmation by believing the brainwashing that the older generation is perfect and the newer is flawed because that way nothing new is ever achieved. You are either living in the past or reliving it in the present. The old system was like a trail of soldiers walking backwards through time down a spiral staircase to nowhere.

So to ascend, you have to overcome the parental programming in this lifetime or others. The narcissistic/sociopathic parent is a blockage to your self esteem which controls your beliefs and actions. Therefore it is very difficult to energetically overcome the parental figures and the desire for closeness, affirmation or fear of rejection or punishment or not surviving without them. You fear being completely alone, even apart from anyone who raised you. But they did not make you and in fact only gave you pain and dysfunction. That is how karma works. What good is a parent who either hates their child or has been coerced into hating them?

They created the physical body you were reincarnated into. They may or may not have enjoyed your soul, who may or may not be spiritually related or at odds with them. Imagine being born into a family of people who look just like you on the outside or who share personality traits, practices and beliefs but who are all working for different and various causes. In other words, they’re all fighting against each other. Would you stay in the tribe your body was born into or the one where its souls were born at the same time your soul was born; fragments of the same star dust?

On deja vu: What is deja vu but remembering the future? It happens because your subconscious mind (soul) is all knowing when it is separated from wounding and ego (this is its natural state of course). It knows what will happen in the future. So sometimes you have a “memory” of the future (which is now the present) pop up and you think “now how would I have known this moment before?” and it startles and perplexes you when in reality it happens because your brain is split into two operating systems at odds with each other. Sometimes you very quickly cycle out of one (usually the conscious mind) for long enough for it to be overridden by the subconscious reminder.

On energy vampires: Everyone on this plane is constantly trying to take energy from others because they have never relearned how to generate energy for and by themselves. They believe it is someone else’s obligation to give them what they desire so they constantly vamp off of each other on purpose. This is how and why money is used against people. They believe that by generating more financial currency, they will have more personal energy.

Empaths know they are targeted by vamps while they (the empath) is doing the most basic tasks, like taking a walk, getting gas, or grocery shopping. They are always engaged by strange beings who take up their time or resources.

Why are empaths targeted so much? They are trying to discover or have discovered ways to generate their own energy. Therefore, they receive a seemingly never ending string of weird/haunted, wounded, self serving beings always being drawn to us and engaging us in any way they can. They see you are satisfied with your consciousness on some level and they envy that so they try to get a piece of it. You will feel a pain or zapping in your third Chakra center as you get resentful for having to engage with them. When you can master not allowing them to zap energy from you in this area (not engaging, not caring if you engage, or feeling powerful enough to walk away without explanation), they stop being attracted to you. Sure they may still pester you in a half hearted way or be otherwise annoying or unreasonable but they stop looking at you like you are the juiciest piece of meat they have ever seen.

For conscious beings: For those that read this and understand, you have bypassed the system that was built into you. The sickness, karma, and trauma are all forms of death that beings are required to endure forever and forever in never ending succession until they realize they are in fact slaves to unknown masters.

Congratulations. You are awake. No longer “knocked unconscious.” You have become conscious. That is enlightenment. What else would be the purpose of angels and helpers but that we give you hints and secrets and protect you until you are safely out of the system? What else would we protect you from but the traps that have been laid for you, without your knowledge — or the traps you built for yourself without knowing it? You are awake now and you see the system for how insane it is.