Channeled messages 6/12/2020

On all forms of soul slavery: “Just because I’m not saying anything doesn’t mean I’m not having the experience.” IE: just because I’m pretending that what you are doing to me is not hurting or is not happening, that doesn’t mean that is what the truth is. That means that is how I am choosing to cope or survive.

Victims purposefully hide the abuse energetically because they have been trained to do this from a young age. If they do not, their valuation goes down.

It is especially important to understand that no one and no thing can evaluate the worth of your soul. A valuation is how much is one thing is worth in contrast to something else. But an eternal soul cannot be compared to something in a physical world that will degrade with time or use. Realizing this essential truth can liberate you of the energetic demands of always trying to keep your social score high so that others like you and give you a good valuation. This is exhausting and causes pain, sickness and karma. But most of all, this perpetuates the greatest lie the world has ever known: the governments of the world get to determine your value, based on how well you comply; just like an abuser.

It is as if you know you have not received a proper valuation, perhaps even from your parents. If you do not subconsciously realize this, then you likely believe the extremely low valuation from your abusers and believe you are worthless. Of course it is in the best interest of narcissists or sociopaths (or those who have unknowingly adopted their cultural behaviors) to tell a very advanced and gifted soul they are worth very little. It will make the empath the unconscious energy slave forever.

Since this is a prison planet, this feeling or belief extends beyond present or past lifetimes and into your very existence on this planet. Your entire worth is contingent upon what someone else thinks of you, which changes by the moment. There has never been security that not only are you safe as a human being but that you are valuable. This goes for all people.

You will lose your social score to universal truth. Along the way, you will begin to understand that you are not, nor were you ever free here. And after that realization you understand that your valuation is only ever up to you because imprisonment is not your natural state.