When the secret keepers are gone

To understand planet Earth, you must understand the intrinsic, unspoken systems upon which it operates. You must acknowledge cause and effect, inter-connectivity between all things, that which is hidden, that which is veiled or disguised, and whom or what keeps the secrets. The forced secret keepers are the empaths and they serve an unfortunate and unfair purpose in this karmic system.

Karma comes for everyone, depending on their deeds, or the deeds others have blamed them for. In order to prevent karma from ever finding them, some people purposefully remain in a state of pretend or denial or projection. They know what they have done to others is so dirty, so rotten, so unjust that their karmic punishment could end up pretty severe. Instead of stopping the toxic behavior that caused the karma to generate in the first place, they play a never-ending game of pretend, feigned amnesia, so that karma cannot find them. These people are who we consider narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths. The empaths of the world have always been their sacrificial lambs, forced to keep their rotten, abusive secrets.

What these narcopaths have not ever considered is that their game of pretend could one day come to an end. That one day, there may not be anyone left to blame. That one day, there will be little to no empaths left to shift the karma onto. They thought their charade of personal “perfection” would go on forever and ever for all eternity. They though the prison planet would always supply them fresh meat to blame or frame for their own misdeeds.

As we inch closer and closer to a fifth dimensional reality, and as narcs still play the pretend game, feigning they are unaware of their own abuses against humanity, the empaths of the world are giving up. They cannot survive the pain of this reality any longer. They were never designed for pain in the first place and the pain is now at a tipping point. Empaths were designed for peace and harmony in a world where feeling good and being honest is the norm. The empaths of the world are, and will soon be, so full of the pain they have been forced to carry for both those around them and humanity at large that their souls will decide to call it quits and head home.

This will leave narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths left to work “together” to continue the reality of pain and suffering. Except, to their surprise, narcs will have no allies because they will see that their social climbing and social clout were all one big fat lie that perhaps looked good from the outside, but were never grounded in relational reality. They are all, and have been, and always will be out for number one. They will eventually have to admit to their own pain, feel it, and this is when the narcs will turn against each other once and for all as animals do.

They will be left with the souls they created and perpetuated the lies with. They will be left with the souls who project pain onto everyone and everything around them. They will have no one sensitive enough to bully into absorbing the impact. And then, they will realize they are not only in hell but that hell is a reality of their own making and there is no escape from it because they had ample time and warnings to stop it from happening in the first place.