Narcissistic families reinforce false memories

Narcissistic family structures are synonymous with pain. Abuse is rampant, especially for the empath who bears the brunt of it since you’re sensitive and “naive” enough to accept the family karma. They abuse you, then talk you out of it. They abuse you and tell you it’s your fault. They abuse you and list the reasons why it needed to happen. Most of all, they abuse you and then tell you that you have a “bad” memory.

Narcissistic family members consistently reinforce the implantation of false memories — happy, joyful, nostalgic memories in which there was a time life used to be great… so great that you just can’t remember it without them telling you! In fact, lucky you, they don’t tell you all about those wonderful, distant times you’ve had with them just every now and then; no, they tell you every chance they get!

They especially love reminding you of all the ways they went out of their way to love you. Imagine that! They put in effort and you can’t remember it?! Well, they will certainly remind you of the times they were forced to love you and have a good time with you. In doing so, they bolster the false belief that 1). your memory sucks, and 2). there were good times! The bad times you are currently experiencing with them are just a little blip and will go away reallyyyyy soon or, maybe if you just change your attitude and act grateful towards them, you will get what you want out of life. Now get your act together and start remembering the good times yourself! Project that confused smile and glazed-over look to everyone you mutually know.

Do you experience guilt upon remembering or attempting to remember your childhood, milestones and big accomplishments, or marked life moments because they feel painful to you when you believe and have been told you should feel nothing but joy looking back? Could it be that someone has attempted to change a narrative about what really happened in your life and your subconscious mind and mind-body connection cannot tell you the same lie?