Remember the sacred dance

Big shifts are happening. Everything that is inefficient, unfair, useless or wrong is being torn down. World leaders have surrendered to it. They don’t say it but they feel it — the shame of surrender. It’s written all over their faces and vibrations. We will all be exposed, they say. They cannot control the spread because the coronavirus is the ASCENSION FLU and is spread through both human fluids (biological energies) as well as universal waves that are equally everywhere and invisible.

The divine order is being restored. Everything we have known about the interaction between the sexes will change. Here’s what more I have channeled on this:

(Before you read, remember my spiel on feminine vs masculine energies and how either can, respectively, power either a male, female, trans, etc biological flesh suit which varies lifetime to lifetime and means basically nothing in regards to the gender of the soul.

Also know that I struggle with this topic as a feminist because a part of me feels like it gives men a pass for oppressing women and making them take on the brunt of the biological and energetic work. But neither sex have had a great experience upon their karmic separation. So I understand the judgment this could bring but I have to write it as it is given. Keep in mind that neither caused the separation — they both participated only because they were forced into it.)

Feminines are taught that what is sexy, and therefore valuable, is to constantly maintain and project signals and cues that indicate they are available for sex. This happens subconsciously of course but their every childhood, teenage and adult reinforcement from powerful or formative mentors revolves around what things look like from the “outside” so that others notice them: that they are the best, the most available, can be the best at meeting the masculines needs, etc. Giving a masculine energy this feedback makes his ego feel good which makes him like the femine, or the people she associates with. But it’s for a false reason and only an attempt to control the female’s perceived value because in return, the male elevates her social score. Thus, real love never had a chance to grow because the whole interaction was based on ego/falsehood.

Because feminines are taught their worth lies in the valuations which are dependent upon the sexual cues (even when or if they are NOT overtly sexual) and live their entire lives trying to attain this standard, many (but not all) masculines are constantly triggered into infidelity or just distraction and chaos because they’re being biologically triggered all the time by nearly every woman they know and eventually it becomes too much for them to be able to control. It will come out in one dysfunctional way or another, even if they are their only victim.

Note however, you cannot use this information to blame victims or feminines. They were simply following the orders they were forced into by way of torture! They also were not taught to question the system and were horribly punished when or if they did. Some went along with it knowingly for survival and some unknowingly. They brilliantly graymanned the system and sometimes survived as a result. When they didn’t, it was probably because they were infiltrating in order to protest it and were recognized and ID’d.

Feminines have to relearn what it means to be beautiful and sexy, or what would otherwise be called valuable (since humans only understand themselves as a quantified definition or rating since the separation). Specifically, because the cues for “I want to mate” should only revealed to the masculine when he has done the work and put in the effort/intention to prove 1). He wants her specifically and for the following reasons that are actually valid and unique And 2). That he is trustworthy. Not only is this because the feminine gets to set her own valuation and then he must decide if she is worth the cost, not the other way around, but also, he must learn to accept that his intentions will be assessed and valued by the feminine who will decide if his efforts have met the vibration of her needs and expectations because she is in constant commune with the divine who are the judge of both. That is the natural order. What was interrupted was man’s trust that female was giving him correct information. When she was punished, he assumed the information must be incorrect. And thus, karma, imprisonment, 3D biological beings instead of divine and supernatural.

Instead, because women have been subjugated as beneath men, they are told that in order to be considered valuable, they have to project these sexual cues at all times to all men — even if you do not and will never want them. It is done simply because it raises your social score. And often, the cues get projected in very inappropriate scenarios, including amongst relatives, amongst people who are already “taken,” or in age-problematic scenarios. Therefore when a woman learns her real worth, she stops chasing the masculine for valuation and doesn’t send unnecessary cues, and he instead chases her and proves himself which leads to more and more signals from the female. It’s a mutually exclusive energy cycle. They do not occur at the same time because one has to preceed the other. But as soon as one finishes occurring, it causes an equally powerful chain reaction. They have to trust each other to put in the same amount of effort with their respective and varied tasks although they’re different.

There is also a vulnerability in the masculines’ design because they’re not as apt to hear the divine since biologically speaking, a female, from birth, is waiting and “listening” for the being(s) she will one day care for in the form of a child, even if she does not consciously want children or know this. High degrees of empathy are required to feel the divine and caring for another requires empathy. This is only a weakness for the masculine when the feminine becomes so spiritually advanced that the males feel they can’t catch up because they don’t know how and the feminine is suddenly speaking a different language. That’s when the vulnerability caused by imbalance occurs since the feminines feel they’re doing it all and the masculines haven’t “heard” enough to understand why she’s doing so much work. This vulnerability can be used against the two as we have seen. When in harmony, however, it is a system of checks and balances and positive energy creation caused by spiritual impetuses in the form of knowledge downloads that cause curiosity or enjoyment.

Nearly every “fight” between the sexes can be narrowed down to the natural order not being respected. In romantic partnerships, deep down, feminine energies want to be chased since it’s the biological order and this is where many get stuck — fighting but maybe never being able to say they’re not getting enough attention/connection/displays, aka: intention, or about the fact that he has “varied” intentions. He doesn’t want to put energy into something that never goes anywhere or that will make him feel stupid or childish or useless or unworthy.

To admit to this and adopt the original system feels too vulnerable for two wounded people to admit so they fight about other things and subconsciously protect their secret desire for the original system in which the feminine energy is pursued and then rewards the masculine with cues that she cannot control because she genuinely likes him and she responds as such. Men have chased too many women who reinforce the belief that they can never get the cues from her — or get the cues early on but then stop giving them so they fear rejection or inadequacy and make the women come to them. This becomes the male pride that can’t be shaken, followed by resentment from both. And feminines have chased too many masculines who don’t appear interested, only appear interested sometimes, or are interested in other feminines which makes them feel worthless, abandoned, and unprotected.

This is why “conservative family values” are actually a distortion of the original system and disturbingly, associate themselves with Jesus Christ and the 5D universal truth he represents. Such “Family values” are more akin to a futuristic dystopian role for the sexes (energies). It’s one in which one sex is subjugated beneath the other all so one sex has the power to “never” get hurt. It literally rips families apart and designs families for failure from the start because the “love” they say they have for each other requires hard work and does not come naturally. There is always a block between souls, even if they never admit it. There is always lack or suffering even if they don’t even know it themselves.

And this is why the masculine and feminine were separated — because when together, they infect each other with ascension. And the powers that be never thought in a zillion years that they’d find their way back to working together. But they’re almost caught up.