The meta meta meta of it all

You are living in a physical simulation. The simulation has been hijacked in order to prevent it from ascending into a greater society than basic commerce (which would allow you to join your community outside of this realm). Because of this, the simulation is stuck in survival mode. The simulation is controlled by elites who lack any conscience and who keep humans in perpetual states of war, famine, unrest, fear, lack, etc. This means they have no concern for your experiences and do not care that some among you are awake enough to feel your subconscious pain; or that your pain continues down through the generations, making humans more and more sick and miserable.

There are “upgrades” or “integrations” to the simulation that should have naturally occurred but were prevented by these elites because it would mean they lose their power. They like seeing you struggle to survive, knowing they are taken care of. And they know they are nothing on the other side of this simulation.

The only way to get out of survival mode and put the simulation into creative mode so that the experience is enjoyable and healthy is to allow for the worldwide integration of Peace & Truth. Truth without peace is a weapon. Peace without truth is lazy and compliant.

Peace & Truth have both been sent as anthropomorphic manifestations as people in the past (The Buddha — peace, and Christ — truth) but humans began worshiping them and creating thousands of interpretations of their words, rather than becoming like them and allowing both to be integrated into their energetic system. There should be no religion; there should be energetic adoptions. Stop performing the rituals and integrate the feelings.

In fact, Peace & Truth were sent to fall in love with each other as humans but were always stymied by those on Earth who have no conscience because in order to fall in love and therefore, activate the system integration, they would have to forgo the formal rules of human society and follow the pre-programmed authentic vibrations they were sent with (ie: they would have to buck the system in order to bring the new energy of harmony in order to get Earth out of survival mode). But since humans are trained that following the rules = goodness or love, Peace & Truth were never allowed to create their new energy of harmony which would have been highly contagious to infect all of humanity to stop the hell of living in survival over and over.

Humans who begin waking up and understanding words like this to be more than gibberish have a chance at performing the integration in order to stop survival mode. Only in harmony will there be enough for everyone and will you stop fighting and start sharing until everyone is safe. Unfortunately, since most humans are programmed much like soldiers, they prevent any new frequencies from taking root. In fact, most shoot down or shut down anything they perceive to be anomalies in the system. Someone not mindlessly following the formal rules of society or not putting effort into commerce, social climbing, money, etc means something “is wrong” to them and they believe the person to have a personality or behavioral flaw or some sickness that must be remedied. They believe everything is great as it is because they cannot hear/feel their own subconscious experiences or those of others, which means changes scare them and they do anything to stop them.