Why do the divine take so damn long?

Are you frustrated yet with how long things take? The ascension journey is built of drips of knowledge that come to an individual based on how they are reconnecting with the divine on the other side and the infinite knowledge available in that realm. But on earth, not only can the spiritual journey be confusing, it can also take a really long time and feel very slow. You might start to wonder if it’s worth it or if it’s real. You might wonder how much longer you can last. And you probably are wondering what the hell is taking so damn long and where the end results are. Where is the finish line?

Well, we have been taught that the divine are magicians who simply call into being whatever it is they wish at a moment’s notice. While certain beings on the other side can do this, the reality is that the divine are beings just like us in many ways. They require sequential circumstances to transpire in order for old codes to be weeded out and deleted and new healthy code to be written. In other words, if they take action but there is nothing to cement it or fortify it, the original action is pointless because the end result is fleeting. The change won’t stick.

If code was distorted, then first the distortions must be located, much like locating a virus on a computer. (Remember, the “code” is like the directions for how things are — just like computer coding.) It requires sending in beings who are sensitive enough to notice and be bothered by anomalies or who realize they cannot function in the presence of anomalies in order to realize it is a “sick” code to begin with. Viruses must be located and understood in fullness then plans must be hatched to write new code where the virus infected, or figure out what the original code was and restore it if it has been deleted in order to restore it to fullness. In other words, the divine don’t skip steps. When you skip steps, the natural consequences that come about as a result of the work are missed. So they have to allow things to play out in their timing because only their process will create the desired outcome. The desired outcome is a full, new healthy code that transpired organically so it can be written in completion instead of having holes or weak spots

The reason “where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am also” is so important regarding coding and timing is that belief generates code. The stronger the belief, the stronger the code. So when one positive being goes about locating “sick” code and then writing new code by altering how they think/feel/perceive/behave, it takes a long time since they are but one person! They also do not have the advantage of groupthink as negative beings do (which is how they altered Earth codes to begin with) in which many, many people believe the same thing — even if it is NOT TRUE! — and therefore hypothetically have the power to control the code. Which is what did indeed happen and which of course is why the human mind has been so altered and programmed to begin with. Instead, since positively-charged beings MUST think for themselves via the conscience, the one positive being doing the work of ascension is having the juggle the demands of the spiritual work with the demands of the physical world at the same time which is a nearly impossible task. When they have one or more positive beings reinforcing the code alongside them, the work goes quicker! So, another part of the reason divine timing seems to slow is that, depending upon the number of positive beings the divine can actually connect with or communicate with in some way (to where their intentions come across and you begin doing work for them in the physical world), the code that is being written may or may not have received enough reinforcement via personal belief which alters the timing of the entire job. If the code is accurate and reinforced by multiple positive beings who are in accordance with the truth and each other, good solid code is written and manifested instantly. Because positive beings have been so severely damaged or separated on Earth, the job takes a damn long time!

Additionally, it is easy to forget this while in the physical world but if we had any understanding of eternity, we would not become impatient or hopeless. The present moment is all there ever is, although time has been sequenced here. If the divine know that they and we have all the time in the world, and they knew good solid and reinforced codes are required to bring their will about, why would they ever rush, skip, or gloss over anything that needs attending? The problems would just keep persisting for all eternity and all the work would be in vain.

Consider what the divine have been doing while they are re-introducing themselves to humanity and regaining control of the simulation we call Earth: it is as if they had to sneak into our world through back doors in order to eventually infiltrate the simulation and take back ownership over what was stolen from them. This is simply another way to rephrase the Biblical battle between good and evil. It’s like sneaking into a sports stadium from underground first, then having to get past security guards and security check points, passwords that had been changed, attack dogs, and alarms. Positive beings who are currently incarnated as humans HELPED to allow the divine to get through the infinite number of checkpoints — even if they are not aware of this — simply through your ascension process because as more consciousness arose from Earth, more and more of the “closed” dimensional gates were opened. And if you’re still perceptive enough to feel a pull at your conscience and obey it, then you are still assisting this very lengthy and arduous process! And you are still much f-ing needed! Meditate on the things you are guided to. Find the truth in it. You will be doing this alongside your brothers and sisters to create the resonances or frequencies required to finish the job!!!