The choice

This is the differentiation between a soul that is dead and a soul (consciousness) that is still alive: when presented with the choice to accept the things that are not right about the reality in which they live, a dead soul will cover-up the red flags or problems because this is the only reality they have. They are one-dimensional rather than multi-dimensional. They believe in one reality, one way of seeing everything, and anything that exists outside of this one-note frequency simply does not exist to them. A living soul will eventually notice the red flags, identify them, explore them, and, if brave enough, attempt to correct them. This is the measure we will all be held to. Did you kill or attempt to kill the free conscience of others in order to enslave them or did you fight back to allow for personal freedom and autonomy?

I will say it like this: I gave birth to my daughter at home in 2012. I went two weeks over my due date before labor started on a Monday afternoon. I thought I would end up the only person in the world pregnant forever because I had no energetic memory of how to give birth, which made it terrifying and seem to go on forever. I gave birth to her that Friday in the early morning. The only pain killers I used were an icy-hot stick and some sweet tea. I felt nothing but back labor which I describe as someone strong and angry taking a hammer to your tailbone and hammering up with all their might so that the unbearable pain infects your entire spine. I thought the neighbors would think I was being murdered. The midwife and her assistant were so worried about me being in labor for so long that they called in an additional midwife and nurse to assist. That Friday, around 12:30 am, my daughter Olive was born at 9 lbs 4 oz. Even after four days, no sleep and extreme pain, her Apgar score was 9. No one could believe it. Tell me you don’t believe in miracles and I will recite at least ten stories that I myself have lived to prove to you otherwise.

I was determined, even before she was due to arrive, that my daughter would be born free. It was not enough that she was born in America. It was not enough that she was born in a comfortable bed where she could stay by my side. I wanted her to be free by ALL accounts. This meant she would be the one to tell me who she is, what she needs, and I would watch her closely to guide her into the fullest, healthiest manifestation of herself. A sacred vow: that I would allow her to think for herself; that I would allow her to choose.

This also meant I would, by default, be teaching her to go against the system. When and if the system unfairly ruled against her, stole from her, punished or ostracized her (or others), I told her the truth about the system: it is flawed and broken because it lacks empathy but it believes it is too busy and important to analyze this fact. Anyone who asks it to analyze itself is a troublemaker and waste of time. This is the loophole that has allowed Earth to remain a prison.

When the system demands she become a version of herself that is fake, that is inauthentic in order to fit in, get by or “succeed,” I tell her the truth then too: the system does not accommodate free thought. It does not like you if you are different. It wants you to be just like it and everyone else. It wants to give you a basic thumbs-up or thumbs-down, a social score to proudly carry around, a superficial rating based on how pleasing you are to others. It forces you to uphold it or be killed. A conscious soul would ask why it were being forced into something so it is not punished with death. A dead soul will uphold what it is being forced into (even if it temporarily thinks it has power and therefore is not dead) such that it does not question what it is “in” or “around” or care to. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave scenario.

When the system will not allow my daughter food because she is already “too big,” I take her with me and offer her the kind of food she wants in the quantity to get her belly full. She has to sneak food behind the system’s back otherwise. When the system tells my daughter that she is too lazy, I show her how to use time alone to meditate on her feelings. When the system tries its best to separate she and I so that it might consume her living consciousness, I show her how to blend in so that the system already believes there is nothing left of her.

Raising a child like this also meant I would have to rule in her favor and take up battles on her behalf every time the system came for her because she was born free. I have not stopped fighting for her since packing my bags and fleeing the system in the middle of the night in 2017 because it keeps threatening me. Because the system is designed like an algorithm, it hunts down anything it deems beneath itself (or its specific members who become its wolves) so it can punish and steal personal power from the conscious being until it is so weak, weary, discouraged, etc that it rescinds its personal power forever and commits itself to one way, one dimension, one false identity that is desired of it.

My daughter has seen for herself how many times, in its various forms, the system continues to come for her mother. I am unable to fit into the boxes others have expected of me. The boxes that bring OTHERS GLORY. The system, when challenged will kill anything that will not fit inside of its boxes. This is how it has killed and programmed billions of souls to this day. It believes it is better to kill a soul than to allow one to remain itself. This is because just ONE FREE SOUL is enough to overturn the entire system. This is how INFECTIOUS TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS is.

The bottom line is this: if you were born into a system that you inherently do not fit into; if you are punished for not fitting in; if you have tried desperately to fit in and cannot; if you face adversity and pain everywhere you turn because you do not fit in, then you cannot be translated into the system. It is easy to say that you did not translate because there is only one system and you are a damaged piece of it. It is much harder to come to the conclusion of the truth, however, which is: if I do not translate into this system, it must be because there is another system; it must be because I do not belong in this system and deserve to leave it.