How it would be possible to determine one does not have an autonomous consciousness

From a spiritual perspective, a sociopath/narcopath is a dead soul. They may be physically alive but they are completely controlled (possessed) by some other thing that is keeping *them* controlled and used, to the agenda of some other thing that one must figure out to see what motivates the pathology. They also lack the ability to reflect “the light” so they consistently distort lightworkers to the rest of society such that the light is confusing and looks bad.

Although they play dumb to look good in society, sociopaths are AWARE of the ongoing spiritual war but pretend not to know about it. This is why everything they do happens on such a covert level and why their victims react to them. They are working tirelessly to keep the fact that they were somehow made aware of higher spiritual knowledge but chose not to integrate or admit to it hidden so that they cannot be held responsible in the public sphere for their bad behavior, so that they can continue tormenting their victims (often with society’s help), and so they control the narrative around the spiritual war (namely: that, despite the battles they wage, there is none).

So then, this is how and why I say there is no real help for real victims: the onus is placed on the victim to not only explain what is happening to them (after defamation, typically so they are called insane) which means they inherently will have to analyze someone else’s mental state and motivation without any credibility, which is also looked down upon by anyone but those with the societal authority to do so because hardly anyone believes personal accounts that have not been vetted by those with privilege, why they are fighting a battle that doesn’t appear to outwardly or obviously exist, and why the covert abuser is actually very abusive even though they intentionally cover up this fact so they are not found out. It is one big case of projection and cover-up and ain’t hardly anyone conscious enough to recognize and correct this. This doesn’t mean the war isn’t happening. It means it is happening on such a covert level that any benevolent who is fighting in it is not able to receive any help while at the same time attempting to continue to survive despite the enemy’s non-stop advances and purposeful disadvantages! You are one warrior fighting in a dark room, blindfolded with nothing but a straight line to the truth as your weapon while your opponent has made the truth illegal and while using smoke and mirrors to charm and entertain the passing crowds of people between slashes to your soul. All the crowd perceives are the screams you let out every now and then or the blood the perp has sworn is his — that you have slashed him, and they have no idea why you would do such a thing.

Sociopaths know that this burden of proof is too great for the victim. In order to have their assertions about the abuser believed, not only would literally every day of the victim’s life have to be carefully, painstakingly documented and approved by some external authorities as accurate, but they would have had to lived a completely perfect life, had nothing but perfect reactions while in states of extremely high fight-or-flight death scenarios, and not ever had to focus on their own day-to-day survival. So essentially, if you want to prove you are being tortured by a sociopath to the societal officials, you must be perfect by Earthly and Heavenly standards, have enough privilege to be respected by society and have nice things or be able to preset like a privileged person so you even have a chance to be heard or believed in the first place, never made any unintentional errors ever with anything, know the legal system inside and out so that you can convince the authorities you do in fact need protection while knowing exactly how to get it, fight through the crowds of other people who also need services in order to get a tiny piece they can offer you — before they offer it to someone else, etc. In other words, you would need privilege to get help. Also, it is considered extremely conspiratorial to require anyone to listen to the long history trail of what lead to the situation in the first place, as if no one has time for the entire background because it is too subjective.

Considering these things, here is how it would be possible to come to the conclusion that some people do not possess an internal, autonomous consciousness, and therefore are not really human; soul-less humans who literally are vestiges of a hive mentality system in which pure, true consciousness is stolen, sold, consumed, or destroyed on purpose. These are the babies who were never given love as a child. They were offered privilege as a replacement, they were forcibly separated from their mother or source, and they were never able to self-actualize or individuate out of their first or second chakras. They are spiritual infants in adult bodies and they are so traumatized and wounded by what happened to them that they have run from the truth through all time and eternity. They require an external source of energy because they were never taught how to transition from the original wounding (attachment issues caused by no original bonding, inability to get its needs met, or force separation without warning) into being an energy self-sufficient being. Because of this, the abuser must keep its energy generator (victim) a total secret, lest they be found out for the parasitic infection and have to be separated again which is the original pain they are running from. The abuse intensifies over time because their demand increases, which is what kills victims.

The higher consciousness in the abuser never develops at all and the person remains a leech on the victims of their choosing. The victim is chosen because they emit a frequency that the sociopath needs to survive and what was either given but then taken in childhood or was never given at all. If the sociopath lacked a mother, they find a victim who emits the purest mother energy and they get very nervous anytime this frequency is taken back from them. If the abuser still feels like a child inside because his/her development process was so painfully altered by whoever abused him/her, the sociopath is subconsciously embarrassed or ashamed of this ever being exposed so they go out of their way to appear to be more adult-like perhaps by scaring their victim on purpose in order to feel “big” or important.

So if, for example, your abuser was taken from their mother as a child, which frequency do you think they will go looking for? They will look for a frequency that feels the most like the mother they needed or had. Perhaps a mother who is also scared of losing her children, the way the abuser’s mother felt back when that generational cycle was transpiring for him/her. Do you see the abuse cycle? Do you see how complex this is? Do you see how much must be analyzed and pieced together? Do you think society or any authority would allow a victim the right to piece these things together or would they consider it too biased to even be admitted to a court of law? So what position does that place the victim in?

A person who was so traumatized, so forced from their God-given conscience or otherwise had it consumed by predators, is not controlling themselves; the trauma is controlling them. But this fact is considered off limits because it is based on personal history, which only qualified professionals who lack third eye activity are allowed to interpret. So a victim can say, “I need help! This person won’t leave me alone! This person hates me! This person will not stop until they get what they want!” and receive no help because an abuser can look good in a text message or an email or a meeting or a phone call, for a certain period of time. The entire legal system is built upon evidence that can be twisted and falsified or present one appearance when there is in fact another story entirely transpiring beneath the surface that is being intentionally hidden such that the abuse NEVER ENDS. The culture and society only work to hide this fact so that whatever is hiding the truth shifts in never ending succession and cannot be found out.

There is no way a human being who has retained their soul would be able to do these things to anyone else. The only way it is possible to force someone into a position of subservience and energy drain is if they do not have a soul. it is easy to assume that anyone calling another human soulless is in fact soulless themselves. But first, you must understand the process of coming to this conclusion and you also must believe that any person coming to this conclusion fairly has such a high level of conscience that they would not be able to harm someone who has any consciousness left; that their only enemy would be those without a conscience or soul.

The main way the system has protected itself is by appearing to be human through such abusive personalities. They can say, “But this victim is not being fair to his/her abuser! You are treating the abuser as if they are not a person with a conscience and that is not fair to them!” which is how the system is given human protection. There are many people whose consciousness has been merged or fused with the system such that when the system pivots, they pivot. When the system say yes, they say yes. When the system pops out a new trend, they’re the first one on it. They believe they ARE the law, so they go around policing others. They are defined only through this system. They believe following the rules makes them a perfect person. They believe others liking them makes them a perfect person. They believe their job, money, style, sense of humor, intelligence, work history, relationship history, personal possessions, interests, etc. make them a good person. This is because they have never identified that they would be able to exist separately from this physical plane and still feel good about themselves without all the extra stuff. That actually, none of that defines a living soul. Because of this, any threat to the stuff that defines and brings privilege is destroyed. They are unable to analyze this about themselves for themselves. They are “individuated” only within this system but not outside of it. Therefore, whatever the system says goes. If the system wants them to change because the things you do or are in order to acquire privilege has changed, you do them and become them. Who you are changes according to the cultural norms, which means you are not eternal or timeless. It also means, if the system dies, you die.

So it is not that it is unfair or unkind to come to the conclusion that one has no soul. It is in fact, at times, the only conclusion one with a conscience would be able to come to because these people are so different by contrast and unable to be stopped or otherwise control their desire to siphon energy off of their victims. None of this is normal though it is accepted by society as a necessary evil, since “Earth is all there is and you better just accept it already.”

This is also illuminates why the system of pretending to be okay while passing your karma down through your family line covertly is so destructive: it is raising generations of people who have never had their conscience activated, or if it were, it was stolen, because of the cognitive dissonance between the two operating systems of truth vs. facades. Real love is not pain in any form. Karmic love teaches people that pain is a necessary evil and is inconsequential. People who hate each other staying married or in relationships is not love or healthy for the children. It generates more karmic debt by concealing what true love looks like. Expecting abuse victims to form a truce with their abusers in order to have enough privilege to get help is inhumane. Teaching children that anything is possible if they only work hard enough creates people so insecure with themselves any time they are not perceived to be at the top that they are willing to steal from others or cover-up how much pain this place causes them so that they never face rejection or abandonment. The entire system is designed, although haphazardly, to create people who have no working conscience because they have surrendered it to the system to decide for them. Every authority operates under these principles.

There is no help on Earth. Must be that one needs to look to the stars for that.