Entropy has a name

All beings can be reduced to a basic form: negative or positive; entropic or orderly. Determining this is very simple. Is one willing to stop entropy or not? Is one capable of attempting to stop entropy or not? Even if one does not succeed in stopping entropy, the very fact that they tried (or wanted to) is enough to consider them an orderly positive being. (You have no idea how many forces are working against this, which is why one would be rewarded for their efforts rather than the end result.) That one would not want chaos to continue down their family line or (or other realm of influence) is enough to determine that they are positive and desire order instead of chaos. It is a being who is mentally insane, who is a lover of themselves who would not want entropy to stop. For these beings who are truly powerless, entropy is the only way to replicate themselves for all eternity as if they were a God since they force others to remember them by way of trauma, or they force others to rescind their own power. The entropic beings do not care about the consequences on the future generations because all they care about is seeing their own reflection in the eyes of everyone they meet. They want their sick code replicated down through the generations and are willing to do anything to force that even though it is not healthy.

The pyramid scheme is this: if you cause enough entropy, you can control enough of the simulation, or enough beings, that they would consider you a god because you have artificial power. Unfortunately, the power is very short lived because the state of entropy is highly destructive, although it temporarily allows for power. This is why I say that entropy and anyone who would engage in it willingly or knowingly, is insane: because in order to get power, you have to kill and harm and destroy without any care for the consequences.

This is also why those who enjoy or engage in entropy knowingly or willingly will not be welcomed into heaven. There is no way these beings would be welcomed into a state of order. They have already proven that they are not capable of maintaining order (and along with it, truth, peace, love, justice) because they do not respect it. They have already proven that they are sadistic enough to cause problems and cause trauma on purpose for their own benefit without any empathy to self-regulate.

Entropy has a name. Its name is “little boy who did not receive the light.” Its name is “little boy who had the light stolen from him, so he went around stealing it from others in order to devour it — and no one stopped him.” This little boy had no one brave or wise enough to stop him because this little boy got mad when he did not get what he wanted. His smile was the strange grin of someone who’s never felt true happiness but feigns it. This little boy had everyone he knew spoiling, pampering and accommodating him because they knew what had been taken from him, but were too ashamed to admit it. If anyone were to admit that the light had been stolen from this little boy, they themselves would be held accountable. So instead of admitting that this little boy was very sick, they all pretended that he was healthy. They pretended his entropy was normal and acceptable — fun and fashionable, in fact! They pretended not to know his name was entropy, because, for a short time, they also received benefits; they also got to be kings and queens in his kingdom of total entropy. And for some reason I will never fully understand, this temporary make-believe felt better to them than the truth.

The world he had constructed consisted of things that could be bought and sold and externally proven because there was nothing inside of him to feel. Feelings were worthless in his reality. One could not participate in the society unless they understood the ins and out of entropy and were willing to participate in it (namely, by way of total distortion of the positive eternal light). Anyone who did not understand entropy or did not want to participate was cast out of this society or treated like slaves.

The Most Positive One came to save the little boy from his pain and chaos. The Most Positive One did all they could to show him how love feels. And gentleness and kindness. And The Most Positive One served the little boy because he needed the attention and affection he had never received. Though The Most Positive One spent lifetime after lifetime — thousands upon thousands of years — showing the little boy what real love was, he would not accept it because he believed he was above love. He believed love was beneath him because of what had been done to him. Though The Most Positive One could heal anything, they could not heal the little boy and the world of entropy he had created as a barrier around him. It took The Most Positive One thousands and thousands of years to be able to FINALLY, COMPLETELY stop him because the only way to stop him was by sequestering him to the abyss or the black hole where one cannot ever be saved and will remain in the entropy they had created, forever. This decision took thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years to be fulfilled because of how painful it was for The Most Positive One to do this to him. The Most Positive One wanted the little boy to be fixed but he could not be fixed and neither could anyone who worshipped him. Though time and time again, The Most Positive One tried to help him, reflected the light back to him and tried to reflect his own image back to him so he could see the chaos — along with a healthy image to attain, he would not accept it. It was so painfully clear that the little boy did not understand the ramifications of his actions and had to be stripped of his freedom forever.

The little boy’s name was Lucifer and Earth was his kingdom. Everyone with privilege was his follower.