Visual guide to 5D ascension – relationships & roles

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I decided to create a visual format for much of the information I have been sharing over the last year. The empathic collective is ascending into 5D spirituality and consciousness, which means getting out of the 3D karmic checks-and-balances, you-owe-me-something, I-deserve-to-hurt-you system and into true unconditional love. I think seeing it in one place can be helpful to integrate the information.

Once you begin to understand your role and relationships from a higher, metaphysical place, you can see nothing is coincidence. It all happens in order to help us ascend. Please know, many in the spiritual and metaphysical community refer to your true life partner and other half as your twin flame. Because of my own soulmate spark in the eye experience that launched me into my own ascension process, I reject that and instead refer to a soulmate as your true life partner. But keep in mind that the term doesn’t matter so much — it’s the meaning behind these relationships that matters and that helps us ascend. We chose certain relationships in this incarnation and others in order to be able to resolve our karmic debt, en mass as a collective, in order to change the frequency of the planet into 5D Christ-consciousness. As such, you can flip the terms around if you need.

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Karmic relationship trap: “mutual enemies”

5D, ascension, core wounds, empath, karma, life lessons, past lives, relationships, stress

Unhealthy relationships can be called many names: twin flames, soulmates, karmics, karmic partners. As I always say, the term you use and what you call it doesn’t really matter. I generally refer to twin flames as your genuine karmic partners but you can have karma with anyone — even your soulmate. (Many in the spiritual community refer to twin flames as your true life partner, but I reject that, so just FYI). These relationships can take the form of romantic partners, family, friends, and business associates.

The dynamics in these relationships vary but they often have a few things in common: they start in a fiery frenzy, you sweep issues under the rug, you can’t communicate, it is as if you are speaking different languages, you have different goals, you operate differently in life, and you just can’t seem to make forward motion in order to find happiness or fulfillment in the relationship. There is generally at least one empathic person (you) having to engage with one narcissistic person, plus a whole bunch of people who are neither empathic or narcissistic but have a sort of spiritual amnesia where they follow the crowd. In these situations, there is always another fire to put out, always another fight to be had, another miscommunication around the corner, and a deep prevailing sense of turmoil, stress, or loneliness because you know you two just aren’t on the same wavelength.

Karmic relationships are not meant to last forever. They are meant to teach you a lesson about something in life. They are meant to bring up your core wounds so that you can recognize and resolve them. Once the lesson is understood and you begin to heal the wound, the relationship will no longer resonate because you are ascending spiritually. The problem is that most empathic people work hard to maintain relationships with anyone and everyone — whether they are healthy for you or not. We want people to like us and see our good nature, and we want to give people the benefit of the doubt. We hate having to cut people off and tell them no. We hate having to assert boundaries and put ourselves first. Unfortunately, this ends up draining your energy, keeping you in stress cycles, and never able to get forward in life in order to truly self-actualize.

Karmic partners do not have enough in common to keep them together organically. Sure, at first you may experience a sense of excitement because you seem to share one or two things in common (aka: traits or patterns from past lives). So you allow this to cement the relationship as if you were truly connected. But as time goes on, you begin to see how different you are on a basic level and it begins to cause you both upset. One or both of you work hard to keep the connection going on a superficial level. Mutual enemies are one of the ways this is done.

One of the biggest ways to recognize if you are in a karmic relationship is this: do you only get along when you have a mutual enemy? In other words, can you only bond or become closer when there is some kind of perceived external threat? Do you only come together under duress and stress? If this is the case, there is not enough connection to keep the relationship strong and steady because once the “threat” is gone, there is little to nothing left in common. This can manifest as gossip as the only way you and your “friend” connect, family problems that bring you and your partner close and then the distance grows once the problem is no longer relevant, and (business or romance) competition that is fleeting.

Take an inventory of your relationships. Can you bond and grow closer organically or do you only seem to have something in common when something external is coming at the relationship? That’s a great way to determine if it is in fact karmic rather than from the soul.

The four types of dreams and their subconscious meanings

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Your dreams have a meaning. They are a window into the subconscious mind and they not only give you guidance and direction but they also are trying their damnedest to bring the trauma up to the surface for you to finally address it once and for all. Dreams aren’t just subconscious vomit, they’re a path to wellness, only if you understand how to interpret them. Dreams are one of the biggest ways our subconscious mind tries to get our attention in a world full of busyness and distraction. I want to teach you how to understand them.

When it comes to dreams, there are four types you need to keep in mind. Once you decode which type of dream it is, you can then determine which wound it was trying to bring to the surface for you. From there, you can work to resolve the core wound through the principle of the opposite and essentially undo whatever was done to you in the past. Remember: there is a pattern and a meaning. Once you accept this about life, you will begin to see how who you are, how you are living, and the things you are scared of are no mistake and there is a way to overcome the trauma in order to self-actualize.

The four types of dreams and their subconscious meanings:

Back to the scene of the accident. This is where your brain takes you back to the most significant traumas, abuses, and problems. It is more like a literal memory, though some details may be slightly different. This feels like you are recalling, rather than making up a scenario. These kinds of dreams are begging to stop forgetting, glossing over, and sweeping it under the rug. You have to remember that it did happen in order to move forward.

Surreal. These dreams are like Salvador Dali paintings — completely unbelievable, not based in the here and now, and utterly imaginative and creative. This is where your brain is either rewriting the dream to inform you how could it go differently next time, or where you are imagining various scenarios in order for you to see the problem from a new perspective. These kinds of dreams are made up of storylines that could never or would never happen in reality and are largely improbable (ex: you defy the laws of gravity, time, you act completely out of character, etc). These help you have a greater, more global understanding of what happened in order to see it in a new light.

Confrontational. These dreams allow your mind to imagine what would happen if you were to see and confront the abuser, perpetrator, or problem. How would you react? What would you say? Would you stand up to it once and for all? There is another variation on this dream in which you are looking for the person/situation you need to confront but never find them — or them not finding you. It’s where you are trying so hard to get to them but there is some literal or imaginary barrier between you, preventing you from being able to hash it out. Chances are, if you are having dreams in which you cannot find someone or get to someone, you are not ready to hash it out with them because there is more work that needs to be done. Overall, these dreams help prepare you to actualize the confrontation in real life or make peace with whatever has happened.

Prophetic. This is where the energy of the dream was so strong and intense that it feels like a direct download from your higher power. The energy of these dreams lingers for days, weeks, or years afterwards, and they are providing some psychic insight as to what will happen or what you should do with your life. Upon waking, you desperately try to remember what the dream was about because it was so vivid and powerful. The energy feels like it becomes a part of who you are and it changes how you see or interact with the world going forward.

Keep in mind, the scenarios you are dreaming about may in fact have a far distant origin — your past lives. If you recognize the soul of a person, or a location, or a scenario, but you do not recognize anything else in the dream (such as their appearance, for example), this might be because your subconscious mind is trying to bring age-old wounds to your attention; things you have been wounded by before and are still living out in the present moment.

Of course you can and will have dreams of varieties other than the ones listed here. But these four archetypal dreams are the ones that will help you heal the wounds of the subconscious mind.

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