How past life energies are carried within us and how to clear them

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Like all information I share with you, this is both a channeled message and an experience. You see, the traditional learning model of stock, standardized memorization has go to go. It doesn’t help cultivate intuition because intuition is developed through experiential living combined with splashes of spontaneous inspiration (“eureka” moments), combined with confirmation. I can’t remember half of what I learned in middle school and high school but I remember how I felt at the time.

I live and process information, then present you with what I have tested myself. If it works, I share it with you. The scientific method. The kind of information I share is not always something that can be confirmed with empirical data or bell curves (something the toxic masculine system loves so much). Instead, it must be confirmed in your body, mind, heart and soul. It must feel true for you (maybe at first a little, but then it becomes a lot), it must intrigue you, it must leave you with questions, then it must work for you as you put it into practice. It must be an experience, not just numbers or lines on a page. You must feel it in your bones. That’s when you know it is true. You do not need to persuade anyone else it is true because they will require evidence. And the way you feel will never be enough evidence for them. Test these things out for yourself. Does it make you happier and healthier? If so, then you can stop feeling silly for entertaining these ideas and implement them already.

This brings me to my point. You are not just a sum total of your life experiences; you are also the sum total of the energetic residues you have carried over from past lives. And in order to resolve your karma, be happy and healthy, and lead a fulfilling life in which you own your purpose, you must relinquish all ties to the past energies. Sure, you can do the sage, you can do to retreats, you can see a Reiki healer. None of those are terrible and they sometimes help. But I live by the “you can teach a man to fish” philosophy which means please, do this for yourself.

Here’s how energetic residue works: your subconscious mind is clinging to past energies in the form of feelings/emotions/beliefs and tensions in your physical body. They are operating in the backdrop to your life so you have not recognized or felt them thus far. It is a bit like a computer with all sorts of programs running in the background. You minimize the tabs but they are still there. After a while it causes your device to operate much more slowly, you can’t perform basic functions or have to wait minutes at a time before you perform the next function. It feels slow, heavy, and annoying.

So too are your subconscious ties to the past. They have you operating at a slower, less healthy level of living. For them to continue dragging you down, you must never acknowledge their presence. For you to be rid of them finally, you must acknowledge they are there then “close the tabs” or tell them to leave.

Here’s what you do:

Get into some form of a meditative state. After you shed much of your ego, this will come so easy that you won’t need assistance. But if you do, then meditate, get into that state right before you fall asleep, use herbs or natural remedies, etc. to relax you.

Locate the tension in your body. Ask where it came from. Your higher self or higher power will usually connect you to the source. It will be a limiting belief system or trauma.

Accept the trauma or pain, feel it and why it is there. Whether it makes sense for this lifetime or not doesn’t matter. Determining when it came to you also doesn’t matter. As you develop this skill, you will be able to determine which lifetime it was from, but it’s not clear at first.

Then consciously push it out, tell it to leave, see you don’t need it anymore, etc.

Feel it leave your body. Feel your chakras more open and vibrant. Feel more energetic and less heavy.


Do this over and over until you feel less tense, less triggered, and more clear.

You see, past energies will only call you home if you allow it on a subconscious level. Once you identify and vacate them, you will not carry an energetic resonance that fits their profile. You will no longer be a compatible host. This means guilt, fear, shame, anger, resentment, pain, etc. will no longer be able to house themselves in a vessel that doesn’t vibe on their level.

Test if for yourself. Let go of the cognitive dissonance that it is weird because only you can feel its efficacy. It works if you trust.


Your twin flames are your karmic road map

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In case no one has told you: we are all here to resolve our karmic debt. To absolve it, to work through it, to right the wrongs, to change the age-old script — to finally fucking do something new and healthy. The karmic system is crumbling, as we have witnessed over the last few years. Skeletons are coming out of closets, victims are spilling the secrets, and small steps towards societal change are coming about. “Yes, finally!” you may think. But before the world can step into 5D awareness, the greater empathic collective must resolve our own personal karma. It is a monumental feat but we are up for it.

Navigating your own karma can feel impossible at times because it is the old “can’t see the forest for the trees” scenario. When life is throwing you all sorts of curve balls, you wonder which direction to take, what is true, and how to see the reality in a world of projections and distractions. I can read your karma based on the situations you are in. It’s not hard to find, to a trained eye. Karma presents itself in the form of triggers, wounds, conflict, worst fears, anxieties, and, well, other people. Twin flames are our biggest source of karma.

If you want to figure out what your karma is in order to resolve it, begin by identifying the people who are surrounding you. Truly, they are your best road map. There will be people you know whom you have no past life karma with and that is great. These relationships will feel easy, light, and you will be allowed to be your true self (and vice versa). However, there will be many others whom you have known before in incarnation after incarnation, with whom you shared varying roles but the underlying energy was always the same. In fact, the underlying energy gets worse as lifetimes of unresolved conflict build up on your soul.

What that means is that any karmic partners you are currently in relationship with (or those with whom you have gone your separate ways) are a big red bullseye as to your karmic debt. Ding, ding, ding. They’re giving you the way out of the karmic system in order to get into your true soul’s path and purpose without the indebtedness and constant drama. But because they tend to trigger us so much, we get caught in stress cycles instead of doing something about it. Despite the hurt they inflict, despite the wounding, they are giving you the way home. Listen, watch, and feel for the clues.

Here’s how to read your karmic map in relationships:

How does this person trigger you on a subconscious level? (Ie: I always feel powerless around them, I feel anxious around them, I can’t trust them, they always throw me under the bus, they are not open to me, etc). Your conscious mind may not be aware of these things but when they do something that upsets you, ask yourself why on a deeper level. It’s not just about the present circumstance (like, for example, they said something nasty to you). It is about the deeper underlying energy (they make you feel less than in their presence).

How does your body react around them? Based on unresolved wounds from past lifetimes, you will tense your body in certain ways to compensate for the stress of the relationship. Do you always feel a certain way around them (stomach aches, sweating, shakiness, etc)? This will likely get worse over time as issues remain unresolved.

What do they tell you you need to change about yourself? No one likes to hear that we are imperfect and need to change. But a twin flame or karmic partner is going to go out of their way to try to change you. This is unhealthy when they are forcing it on you or not accepting you for who you presently are. However, despite the pain they inflict, there is sometimes an element of truth in what they say. Take a deep look at yourself and ask if there is even a grain of truth in what they say. If so, don’t react to what they say but begin the personal work to cultivate your strengths and let go of any perceived weaknesses.

What would you need to do to make the relationship better? What is being swept under the rug that finally needs to be addressed? That is the karma. And the reason why it is being swept under the rug is because if it were to be addressed, it would require a huge effort to correct it. Stop ignoring what needs to come up. Face it once and for all, then try to right the wrongs.

What or whom does the group remind you of? You can have one twin flame or many. Whether you call these people twin flames or karmic partners doesn’t really matter. If you begin to see them on a soul level, who or what do they remind you of? Sure, it may be a group of people at your work you are facing challenges with but do their energy and intention, interests, or behaviors seem more like they are from another place or time? Do they seem more like a group of religious fundamentalists? Do they seem more like mothers rather than men? Do they feel like siblings? Your present roles mean very little, while their energy can tap you into who you were in past lifetimes.

When it comes to your karma, follow the clues and cues. The answers are all around you.

Understanding abuse from a 5D perspective

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Let me put it to you straight: abuse makes absolutely no sense — at least not for anyone but the perpetrator. Abuse always was and always will be about control. It is also about the perverse, devious inner world of a very sick person; a person so stuck in their ego because of their own traumatic experiences that they are willing to live a lie the rest of their life in order to make others miserable.

Like many people, I had no real knowledge of abuse until I was forced to come face to face with the reality of what I had been dealing with my entire life without realizing it. I had upheld other people’s realities so I wouldn’t be punished, I changed who I was to make others happy, I apologized when I upset others with the truth, I allowed myself to become sick so others could be healthy, I accepted the brunt of the anger/frustration/resentment so others wouldn’t have to, I bit the bullet; I had been told how terrible I was despite loving and caring for others, I had been neglected, ignored, and hit. I had been told I was a piece of shit, so I believed it.

Many of us have lived lifetime after lifetime of abuse, but because no one else ever called it that, were entirely unaware. Because our abusers said they loved us, said they cared, said they were doing this for our own good, we didn’t know the truth.

In order to truly understand why abuse happens, we must look at it from a 5D perspective. It is the only thing I have found to help me and my clients truly integrate and understand what has happened to them and why. This doesn’t mean I think abuse happens “for a good reason” or that anyone deserved it. It doesn’t mean anyone caused it or had it coming. It doesn’t mean I think abuse should ever happen or anyone should ever “put up” with it. It means the origins are so far distant that trying to understand abuse in the here and now will only drive survivors crazy because it is completely illogical. If you take a few big steps back and see this as an inter-generational, ancient cycle, then you can finally understand and heal. Let me explain.

Affirming their reality. Why and how an abusers chooses a target is no mystery. In general, narcissistic people are attracted to empathic people because we are so damn good at upholding other people’s false realities. We are so good at affirming their egos. We are sensitive and recognize when someone is mad, upset, and frustrated then we go out of our way to smooth things over, to try to make life better for them. Narcissists seek out people who will affirm their ego, bottom line. Empaths are prime prey here because it is our coping mechanism. We do this without thinking. We do it as a survival tactic.

This is important to recognize because you have been doing this for many many lifetimes. The origins may be in the here and now (based on a difficult childhood), yes. But more than likely, you have seen how living our your truth, your reality, has resulted in harsh punishment, torment, and death. Your soul has learned that playing the life game means adapting to other people’s truth and if you didn’t, you faced consequences. They know this instinctively. You have always done it for them before. It’s why they’re attracted to you in the first place.

Victim shaming. During or after abuse, you will likely seek out people to help you, to understand, to invest time and care. What you will find is that these people are hard to come by. What you will find is that the victim gets blamed for what has happened to him or her. “How many times did it happen?” Only a few times? Then what’s the big deal?”, “What were you wearing?”, “You fought back? Well they had a right to do that to you”, “You’re not perfect either, so why are you complaining?”, “Well, that’s not what the perpetrator told me”, is what a victim commonly hears.

This is what blew my mind the most, as I learned about abuse firsthand. As an empath, when someone comes to you, you listen, you care, you believe. Even if you have questions or doubts, you still do your best to affirm what they have been through and come up with solutions. You still try to help. But society by and large has still not reached this evolutionary point. They still blame the person who acknowledged the problem. The only reasonable explanation for this is that believing the victim would disrupt the karmic script. It would force others out of their ego, their cognitive dissonance and the preconceived notions their soul is living out from past lifetimes. It would force change. In doing so, it would cause others to develop empathy and compassion and give up control.

It is as if you are standing on a highway and see a bus is about to hit you. You yell to the people around you, “help! I’m about to get hit” and they look at you blankly and tell you you are exaggerating. They cannot hear you. When an entire community, family, or circle of friends turns against a victim in order to support a perpetrator, they are saying, “we don’t want to ascend. We want to maintain the patterns we always have. We like our egos, thank you very much.” Because of this, there is no way to get through to them — their egos are keeping them from acknowledging the abuse in the first place and gives them “permission” to blame and shame the victim. Anyone who refuses to accept what a victim is saying is acting out the age-old karma once again.

Knowing your worst fears. Even if you have never communicated your deepest fears, perpetrators know exactly how they can get you to do what they want. They know how to inflict the worst kinds of pain on you, based on what you fear. There is a good chance even you as a victim do not know what your worst fear is. But your abuser does. How do they know this? Because they have done it to you — or tried to do it to you — before.

This is an intuitive reaction based on what they have done to you in past lifetimes. Only when it actually transpires will you see that they knew all along. That’s what you were hoping to avoid by consciously or subconsciously playing along. You were affirming their ego to avoid the karma they would inevitably inflict on you. I will warn you: whatever was not resolved in previous lifetimes will come back tenfold. The karma will keep building up and getting worse lifetime after lifetime until something is done about. As I have said before, it is a symptom of a sick society where the onus is on the victim to make things better, but please find a safe way to get away from them once and for all and resolve any lingering debt between the two of you (in the form of money, legal agreements, promises, etc).

They pull you back in. Perpetrators rarely go away without further entanglement. The cat and mouse game is what is most fun to them. Remember, it is all about control. You try to escape, they draw you in with threats, brainwashing, insults, or further attachment (“look, I can be nice! Lets go to dinner. Look at these flowers I bought you” — only for the cycle to repeat all over again.) It can become impossible for a victim to reconcile the way the person is sometimes nice and sometimes terrible. They give the abuser chance after chance to change. Getting out of their karmic grip will require you to be so headstrong that you decide you want to resolve your karma with them and never return to their control tactics, even if they can be nice for a little while; they will always revert back to the control.

Abusers are preying on your cognitive dissonance. They don’t want you to leave because if you do, you resolve your karma. If you want to truly get away, you usually have to fight for your life. You have to acknowledge your cognitive dissonance about who they are, stop giving them the free pass, and decide in your heart that you will never return. We know statistically that most survivors go back to their perps time and time again. It often is impossible to leave because of children, finances, threats, social pressures, and more. But as someone who has done it, I promise you — no matter how impossible it appears, you can do it. It will be the hardest thing you have ever done. You may lose everything but yourself. Do it anyway.